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Review: A Second Chance At Love by Kassandra Lynn

Time Travel & Second Chance, Book 2
by Kassandra Lynn
YA Fairy Tale/ Time Travel
297 pages

True love doesn’t exist. Forever belongs in a storybook. 

Empress Ursila Ufran ran away with Royal Healer Draven for love. What she found was regret and heartbreak. Draven had approached her with an agenda, her father had committed treason, and everyone in House of Ufran had been beheaded. When a magical amulet gives her a second chance at life, she has to avoid her mistakes and prevent her family’s downfall before it’s too late. 

Note for readers: Each book in this series can be read as a stand-alone. 

Book categories: romantic fantasy, fantasy romance, time travel romance, historical romance, second chance romance. 


Time travel melds in perfect harmony with the magic of fairy tales in this story full of adventure, royalty and finding true love.

Empress Ursila has run away with the royal healer in a dashing move of true love, but the second she thinks she's found it all, the world comes crashing down around her. As the last tragedy occurs, her own death, she wakes up to find herself transported back one year into her past. All possibilities lay open, but this time, she knows some of the events which will come and plans to steer against them. Unfortunately, she's not only unsure where some choices will lead her but isn't fully clear on what it is that she wants to achieve. This is her last chance, her second chance, but that doesn't make it any easier the than first time around.

This book starts off right in the middle of a huge scene: Ursila the Empress walks in on the one man she's literally given up everything for only to find him in another woman's arms. The world spins as quick as it does in her head, and as a reader, we have to catch up fast. It's a whirlwind but it grabs, and with a few stumbles to figure out exactly what's going on, the plot shoots off into this lovely fantasy.

I loved the layers in this book--there's the magic princess atmosphere, a handsome prince, an evil plot to bring all of them down and the delicate dream of true love. Mixing this with time travel worked out wonderfully and added a nice spice to uncovering the well placed secrets of intrigue. And this one doesn't have an evil plot which is easily uncovered. It leaves one guessing until the very end.

Ursila is quite the character. At times, she's kind and sweet. At other times, she's a spoiled brat. There are moments to dislike her, and others to cheer for her. Her attitude changes over time, and it needs it. But this is exactly what makes her so easy to grasp and love by the end. Not all princesses are golden to the core, and Ursila, although she has the inner light of a true heroine, is, at first, a product of her upbringing. But that doesn't mean she stays that way. There are moments when she's naive and times when she's extremely clever, and although this moved the story along and showed how wonderful a ruler she might be, it didn't always come across smoothly or true to her character.

The romance is a fight not easily won in this book and shows how often people put stumbling blocks in their own paths to happiness. As for true love, that also has a lovely dose of reality in these pages. The real, true love shines through, but it takes work and isn't always a happy-joyful bliss. The struggles of doubt and developing of friendship and trust make this a more grounded fairy tale romance.

Fans of fairy tales, fantasy, political intrigue and the battle for thrones and crowns will enjoy this read and will get lost in the pages. The plot is quick paced the whole way through and makes this one of those books that needs to be read in one sitting because it's hard to put down.

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Kassandra Lynn is the author of Book of Immortals series and Demon Kingdom Fairy Tales series. Her favorite genres are fantasy and romance. She especially enjoys reading and writing about unique concepts, unpredictable plots, and protagonists who aren't the typical protagonists.

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