Saturday, July 15, 2017

Review: When Your Lion Needs A Bath by Susanna Leonard Hill

by Susanna Leonard Hill
Illustrated by Daniel Wiseman
Little Simon
Board Book 
ages 2 to 4
26 pages

When your lion needs a bath, you have to be pretty sneaky! This charming and hilarious board book highlights the many ways to get your lion into that tub!

Does your lion need a bath? When your lion needs a bath, you must be a little sneaky. After all, have you ever met a cat who likes water? So gather up your towels and rubber ducks and get that lion into the tub! But be careful…or you just might end up in the bath, too!


This book packs a ton of fun.

Your lion needs a bath. Yes, a full-fledged teeth-baring lion covered in dirt and twigs and more. Too bad the lion hates bathes, which means you have to get sneaky about it. The suggestions and advice are worth their weight in gold for all those lion owners out there.

The thick, sturdy pages make this a book for small hands and ready to encounter a few bumps, drops and smudges. The cover is bright and introduces the problem from the get-go. The lion needs a bath, and although he has the looks of a real lion, he's actually quite tame. Just water shy. The antics are smile and giggle worthy as suggestions are given on how to get that lion into the tub. Words are kept at a minimum and playfully chosen, keeping the action and humor high.

Bright colors make up the simple illustrations, which still hold enough detail to have young eyes coming back again and again. The pictures accompany the words while also adding the right punch to the tale.

In other words, this is a fun read great for young listeners. . .and they'll be more than capable of bathing their own lion after reading this. Maybe.

Susanna Leonard Hill is the award-winning author of nearly a dozen books for children, including Punxsutawney Phyllis (A Booklist Children's pick and Amelia bloomer Project choice); No Sword Fighting in the House (a Junior Library Guild selection): Can't Sleep Without Sheep ( a Children's Book of the Month); and Not Yet, Rose (a Gold Mom's Choice Award winner). She lives in New York's Mid-Hudson Valley with her husband, children and two rescue dogs. She loves chocolate animals and being outdoors.

Daniel Wiseman likes to draw. A lot. He likes it so much, he's made a career out of it. Usually, he draws animals wearing clothes, or kids enjoying a good dance party. Daniel currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with his wife and son. When he isn't drawing, he can usually be found perfecting his biscuit recipe, hiking up a mountain in some faraway location, singing loudly in his car, riding his bike on the mean streets of STL, or napping.

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