Thursday, July 6, 2017

Review: Am I White or Black? by Mila Mirason

by Mila Mirason
Picture Book
ages 3 to 6
34 pages

In a small town full of houses and trees, there was something very wrong, 
Two groups of cats avoided each other, they couldn’t get along. 

Stripy cat tries to reconcile two groups of cats that are not friends with each other because of differences in physical appearance. How will he fix the situation? 

A fun book to read a-loud for preschoolers or a self-read book for beginner readers 

Full page illustrations are on the same pages as story! 

Grab it now and join in the fun!


Stripy enters a town and he's got some plans. Two groups of cats refuse to talk to each other: the white ones and the black ones. Through cleverness, Stripy brings them together.

This is a book with a clear message, which is presented right away. There's no need to hide what Stripy is up to, so young listeners get a heads-up on what Stripy is kind of planning before he begins. Not only that, but the young listener is complimented and made to feel closer to the story. Stripy is one clever cat and tons of fun to look at. When he approaches the two groups, neither wants to talk with him, and it's fun to see how he tricks them into becoming cool cats like him. Young listeners will know right away what Stripy is up to, and be delighted as he convinces them to do what he wants.

The illustrations are bold and draw in. The cats are portrayed with all the sweetness felines deserve, and will draw smiles from young listeners' faces. The text is placed in fun rhyme and allows the illustrations to bring the scenes to life.

The message is a common one, but it's something kids can never hear enough of. Children ages 3 and up are sure to enjoy this tale.

And here she is. . .

Author, Mila Mirason, is a rising new star in the universe of children’s books. From her early years as a young child, Mila loved to read. As an adult, she now writes stories designed to create positive change in our world by inspiring children though reading and the wonderful magic of children’s books ... just like she was inspired.
Her debut book, Am I White or Black, tells the tale of a black and white-striped cat from a big town who goes to visit a smaller town where he changes the lives of the town’s cats for the better. It is a great story and one that will help parents teach their children positive values for life. This lesson contained in this story can easily be appreciated by children of all ages.

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Gina Gao said...

This sounds like a great book I can read to my niece! Thanks for sharing!