Monday, December 12, 2022

Today's review... If You Were A Princess by Hillary Homzie

Since my last 'stocking-stuffer' read swung more toward rough and tough tractor reads, today's heads in the pretty princess direction. I'll admit that I did have my doubts as to whether this one would grow boring, since it does present princesses from various countries and time frames as it offers information about each one. But I'm guessing that it managed to steer free of all boredom and create a fun read.

by Hillary Homzie 
Illustrated by Udayana Lugo
Picture Book
40 pages
ages 4 to 8

Not All Princesses Dress in Pink meets Herstory in this inspiring and educational picture book about princesses, past and present, as three girls wonder what it would be like to be princesses themselves.

If you were a princess, what would you be?



Inspiration rings loud and clear as the not-so-expected activities of various princesses, past and present, come to light in an fun way.

Starting with the question "If you were a princess, what would you do?", the tale shoots into various amazing princesses and the surprising things they've done. Everything from climbing Mount Everest to sword skills to saving animals comes into play, presenting quite the variety. The princesses come from around the world, offering a very broad diversity, and span many, many years from past to present day. By the end, it's clear that the usual thoughts of princesses sitting in castles with tiaras and dresses doesn't really come close to the truth. It is inspiring, since young readers are shown that they can take part in the same activities themselves...and be just like a real princess.

The illustrations are cheerful and make sure the information never drags or grows mundane. It was fun just to flip through these and enjoy the characters and scenes. The text might be a bit long for readers on the younger end of the intended age group as well as several terms, which might need a little explanation, but the older end will have no trouble sinking in and will find themselves wanting to be a princess, too. It does keep the story light despite the information and creates a nice atmosphere to make it a great read-aloud.

And here they are...

Hillary Homzie is the author of the tween novels Queen of LikesThe Hot List, and Things Are Gonna Get Ugly, as well as the comedic chapter book series Alien Clones from Outer Space and picture book If You Were a Princess. During the summers, Hillary teaches in the graduate program in children’s writing at Hollins University. A former sketch comedy performer in New York City, Hillary currently lives with her family in Northern California.

If Udayana Lugo weren’t a children’s book illustrator, she would probably be a baker (although waking up before dawn might be a deal-breaker!). She lives in British Columbia, Canada, with her family.

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