Thursday, December 29, 2022

Today's read... The Tooting Rabbit and the Enchanted Forest by Chaz Wendling

I had some shifting to do in my schedule thanks to the unknowns of the publishing world and have a really fun read to slide in, instead. This is a picture book...which isn't a graphic novel but does hold tons of graphics (yep, I'm taking what I can!)  I do enjoy the cover on this one quite a bit, and the idea of a tooting rabbit holds tons of silly possibilities, too. This is the first in a planned series and is already out on the shelves.

So, let's just find out what this one has in store!

and the Enchanted Forest
by Chaz Wendling
Picture Book
44 pages
ages 4 to 8

Let the laughing begin !

There's nothing like reading a book and laughing out loud with your little ones.

The Waggles are taking the annual family camping trip.
- Zaza hopes to see a bunny rabbit.
- Amelia hopes to snap pictures of a blue popping jay.
- Wellington hopes to test out his survival kit.
- Mom & Dad just want to relax and enjoy the fresh air.

But their fun-filled family vacation takes a smelly twist when they cross paths with a foul-winded rabbit named Toots.

The Tooting Rabbit and the Enchanted Forest is a family tale that will fill your home with giggles.



Laughs are guaranteed as this cheerful family heads off to adventure in the woods and discovers much more than they ever imagined.

The Waggles are ready for their annual, family camping trip to the forest. Each of the three kids has their own ideas about what they'll enjoy. When the two girls head between the trees in search of a bird, they run across a cute rabbit instead...a strange rabbit. With the first toot, the fun begins, and it's non-stop from there.

The illustrations in this one did win me over. The style is fresh, easy to sink into, and packs tons of humor to accompany the text. This makes each scene sit and will have young readers/listeners laughing even without the story being read.

The text is well done as well, creating a quick read which is perfect for holding the attention of even more impatient listeners. It's a direct and straight forward plot, but that's all which is needed to let the humor fly...because this one is all about 'tooting' stink and fun. I do see this one being a 'read again' because of the silliness, since it delivers that so well.

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