Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Today's read... What Is Reindeer Going To Do? by Carly Madden

 Christmas is only a few days away, and I have only holiday inspirations on the reading front until that day arrives. Today's read is for the youngest out there, and invites to reindeer fun. I've always enjoyed reindeer tales...although none can beat Rudolf. Still, the Christmas balls on this one's antlers are adorable and the stars promise dazzling moments. And since it involves flaps, too (I love flaps!), of course, I'm going to take a peek.

Lift the Flap and Find Out
by Carly Madden
Illustrated by Caroline Dell'Ava
Happy Yak
Board Book / Holiday
12 pages
ages 2 to 5

Find out what Santa's reindeers are going to do in this charming and Christmassy interactive lift-the flap board book.

It's Christmas and Santa's reindeers are very busy. Look at what each reindeer is doing or holding and see if you can guess what they're about to do! Open the flap on each spread to discover the answer in a delightful, colorful scene.

Bright, engaging artwork exploring familiar daily activities for babies and toddlers will bring this book to life, delighting readers young and old.

With sturdy flaps to aid hand-eye co-ordination and a question on each page to prompt conversation between parent and child, this bright, engaging board book is the perfect introduction to the joy and magic of Christmas.

This book is from the Lift-the-Flap series, a collection of fun and interactive board books for babies and toddlers. Other titles include What is Mommy Going to Do?, What is Daddy Going to Do?, What is Puppy Going to Do?, What is Chick Going to Do?, and What is Baby Going to Do?



There's a surprise on every page as young readers try to guess what the reindeer is going to do next.

This is a board book for the youngest end of the reading audience and centers around a reindeer as it gets ready for Christmas. Set at the North Pole, elves and even Santa gets involved, making it great for those last days before Christmas.

The illustrations are bright, bold, and simple enough not to overwhelm, but they still hold enough details to add gazing pleasure. At first, readers see a reindeer with either items on its antlers or an expression on its face. The reader is asked to guess what the reindeer is about to do. Thanks to a flap on each two-page spread, an entirely new scene is revealed, showing the reader what the reindeer does. It draws the reader in, letting them actively participate and try to guess what they might find. This will be especially nice, when the book is reread again and again, since young listeners can guess what is coming next (and find it fun).

The text is kept simple and understandable when read aloud to young readers. There were moments, where it didn't seem to flow as smoothly as it might have, but the surprises are still delightful. It's a cute read for the holiday season.

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Chrys Fey said...

I adore reindeer. I have a small collection of stuffed reindeer. This looks like a cute story.