Saturday, December 10, 2022

Today's read... The Gentle Bulldozer by Amy Baron

Today's read might not ring in the holiday season, but I'm thinking it'd, possibly, make a good stocking stuffer. I found the bulldozer on the cover to be so much fun with an energetic expression and, hopefully, an exciting tale to go with it. Since I know more than a couple bulldozer fans, I decided to take a peek.

by Amy Baron
Illustrated by Rogerio Coelho
Yeehoo Press
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

In this rollicking read-aloud, a powerful bulldozer is off to find his true purpose. With the help of new friends and old, he might just find a gentler calling.
Bulldozer spends his days on a construction site. He and his friends are tasked with an important job: to tear things down and smash things up. But Bulldozer dreams of something bigger--could he and his crew be made for more than this?
Perfect for fans of GOODNIGHT GOODNIGHT CONSTRUCTION SITE and CALVIN CAN'T FLY, this story features a bulldozer with a tender side. Gift this to young readers who love construction vehicles!



A little bulldozer joins his crew every day to help demolish buildings and clear areas. In other words, exactly that which he was created to do. But this little bulldozer doesn't like to break things down, especially when it comes to trees and the such. The crew doesn't bully him, but they don't understand him, either. One day, when the bulldozer meets a farmer whose barn needs repair, he learns that, maybe, he doesn't have to only break things down.

This is a sweet story, which swings in a slightly more emotional and gentle direction, while still flowing with the hard construction scenes, which tractor fans enjoy. The various vehicles are recognizable and no problem to identify, and their expressions are sympathetic. It's fun to flip through and accompany the bulldozer on his journey.

It does make a nice read-aloud, and the text works well for the intended audience. There's always something going on, and the bulldozer's problems are understandable. Hard construction vehicle fans, who love the power of the vehicles might not be completely drawn in, but those who enjoy the vehicles and a touching tale will be rooting for the little bulldozer. Luckily, this one steers clear of the usual bullying themes, and instead, demonstrates how everyone has their notch in sometimes just needs to be discovered first. 

And here she is...

Amy Baron fell back in love with her childhood hobby of writing while reading stories to her kids. Now she's excited to introduce her debut book to the world.

Amy is an optometrist, but she promises not to recite children's stories during your eye exam.

Born and raised in Florida, she now lives in Cambridge, MA with her husband and their children.

Please visit her online at:

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