Friday, December 23, 2022

Today's read... Shy Girls Can't Date at Christmas by Milly Rose

 We're snuggling in for some romance around the Christmas tree in today's read. I, actually, read this one awhile ago but was saving it for this week to post it up here. It is part of a series, and I have read another book in this series already. But these aren't connected in any direct way, so they can each be read as stand-alones.

She Girls Sweet Romances
by Milly Rose
Halos and Claws Publishing
YA Romance  /  Holiday

Is the season of giving enough to bring us back together?

I wish I never saw it. But there he was, standing right in front of me, threatening other kids. Did I expect anything less from our school's worst bully? And now that the vice principal handed down his punishment, he assumes I ratted him out.

Being on the organizing committee for the Christmas dance was supposed to be fun. But now Beau Stevenson is forced to join us. We’re enlisted to teach him school spirit, but all we give him is terrified faces.

I’ve always strived to be an academically gifted good girl. My overprotective single dad warned me about bad boys like him. But now being stuck together after hours in the gym, buried memories resurface. When we’re alone, he’s no longer scary. Instead, he’s attentive and kind.

No one at school knows the secret Beau and I share. For years I’ve only seen him as a brute, but can I give this boy a second chance? There’s a deeper side to him. Is he willing to permanently become the boy I once loved?

You will love following Ava and Beau's love story. This is a high school bully redemption story, plus the story of a good girl falling for a bad boy. In forced proximity, they are both learning to love as their opposites attract. This is a young adult sweet romance set at Christmas time.



Emotion and sweetness floods from the pages in this tale of a never-lost friendship, which turns into more.

Ava and Beau were childhood friends, who ended up going separate ways. Now, they meet again as two very different individuals (thanks to growth and change over the years). This one does throw in some high school drama, misunderstandings, and, for all things, romance, and it does it in a natural and very satisfying way. Both have their goals and learn to have an understanding relationship, which shows a nice amount of growing maturity and depth. I did enjoy this newest edition to the series even more than the last one and can recommend it to young adult romance fans, especially for the upcoming, Christmas season.

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