Monday, December 5, 2022

Today's read...All-New 20 to Make Festive Felt Decorations by Corinne Lapierre

I don't know about you, but Christmas also means tons of fun crafting, gluing, sewing, and who knows what else. It's especially great to find crafts, which look wonderful, and aren't super hard to accomplish...and even better when kids can get involved. So, when I saw this book, I hoped it would meet all my requirements. 

by Corinne Lapierre
Search Press
Crafts / Hobbies / Holiday
ages 8 and up
(with adult assistance)

Sew 20 stunning Christmas felt decorations to cherish year after year

Sew 20 stunning felt decorations - perfect for adding some sparkle to your home or for giving as gorgeous handmade gifts.

Best-selling author Corinne Lapierre brings you 20 fantastic new festive designs! Create decorations to hang on your tree or ornaments to decorate your table and mantelpiece, including stars, trees, birds and animals. Create gorgeous family heirlooms that you will look forward to seeing year after year.

All the projects are simple to make, and all the necessary templates are given at actual size.


This craft book is short, sweet, to the point, and very easy to understand...not to mention that the ideas carry tons of Holiday atmosphere.

The first page(s) give a quick overview of the required items, which are needed to create the crafts in the book. These are relatively simple and straight-forward. Then, it dives right into the first craft. 

The photos are bright, display the to-be-crafted object in a scene to inspire, and are clear. I was surprised that there weren't more visuals used, which would assist with the craft's creation, but it turned out to be enough. 

The text follows a step-by-step process to create each craft, which is clear and easy to read. These are exact enough to create the craft, for the most part.

At the end of the book, the printable patterns are laid out with the instruction to copy them at the correct sizing. And these are also straight-forward as well as simple to use.

I've already found some great inspirations in these pages and am looking forward to making more of them in the future. They are simple enough for those, who haven't crafted much before. While I do wish there had been a bit more on the illustration end to help out, at times, these were still no problem to create...and so adorable, too.

And here she is...

Corinne Lapierre developed a passion for crafts and textiles from a very young age, and has 
always had an avid desire to learn about traditional techniques such as weaving, dyeing, silk 
painting and embroidery. She studied Fine Art in France before moving to the UK to study 
Fashion Design in Manchester. After working as a fashion designer for a few years, Corinne 
studied millinery, through which she discovered felt and its many qualities. In 2009 Corinne 
started her own craft business as a felt maker and quickly realized there was a demand for craft 
kits using good-quality, natural materials. Her company, based in an old Baptist school in Leeds, 
UK, sells an expanding range of craft kits and patterns designed for adults and children. Corinne 
makes regular appearances on Create & Craft TV and lives in Yorkshire with her three children 
and two cats. Visit her website

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