Saturday, December 24, 2022

Today's read... How to Find the Christmas Spirit by Charly Froh

It's Christmas Eve, and to ring in this awesome day, I have a book about a cute little robot and finding the Christmas spirit. I have no idea what this one will hold but do enjoy the fresh idea already. It's the third in a series...of which I haven't peeked at before. So, before I wish you a very Merry Christmas, let's take a peek at this last read for the holidays.

Novo Space Robot
Book 3 of 3
by Charly Froh
Illustrated Zuzana Svobodova
Tiza-Charlotta Frohwitter
Picture Book
40 pages
ages 4 to 8

Don’t miss out on this all-new celebrated series about Novo the Space Robot!
An all-new holiday tradition!

A jingly-jolly greeting to you, Earthling!
It’s me, Novo the space robot from the planet Infinita.
Just the other day, I heard in the robo-news that the Spirit of Christmas had arrived amongst earthlings.
That sounded super scary to me! I was pretty sure that meant there was a ghost haunting planet Earth.
But I couldn’t let this ghost scare away Christmas! I swooshed toward Earth to find this spooky spirit and save my friends.
Novo to the rescue!

Are you ready, Earthling? Let’s go on an adventure across the universe!

Join Novo in this hilarious story as he discovers the true meaning of Christmas.

The perfect Christmas gift and holiday stocking stuffer from parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, teachers, and just about every earthling out there.

Also in the Novo the Space Robot series:
-How to Shrink the Doubt Monsters
-How to Solve the Mystery of Crying
-And many more to come!



Christmas spirit takes an unusual and fun twist as a little alien tries his best to save our world.

Already the cover grabs with an intriguing mix: reindeer and robot with Christmas joy. This little alien already has two books (this being the third), none of which I've read before hitting this one. But that's not a problem, since it's this is a robot to befriend, right away. Novo is very concerned about Earth and wants to jump right in when it learns that there's a Christmas Spirit causing ruckus on Earth. This obvious misunderstanding sets the stage for a cute adventure, which is lovely to ring in the holidays.

The illustrations are well done and grab into each scene. Novo comes across as a sympathetic robot with the perfect appearance to snuggle up with the intended age group. The emotions are brought across nicely and build the atmosphere the way they need to.

The tale is easy to read and makes a great read aloud. I see this one tending toward the higher end of the age group (5-6), but younger, true story fans will enjoy it, too. There is a clear message between the humor and antics of Novo and delivers with Christmas flair. For robot and alien fans, this is a wonderful addition to the Christmas season.

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