Friday, April 30, 2021

What's Coming in May?

Oh, those flowers are blooming! I love watching them, while sitting outside and reading, reading, reading. What about you? Are you finding a favorite reading spot in the great outdoors? Or are you snuggled inside? 

I've been tempted to call May 'middle-grade month' because my pile seems to have hit a slew of these (almost higher than my picture book pile for this month...which is saying something). And each one sounds so amazing! 

Wait. You're not into middle grade novels? 

Well, don't fret because, of course, I haven't forgotten my other readers. Picture book fans will discover some lovely and meaningful books this month, and young adult lovers are in for a treat. I have several really good ones on that front, too, and a few lean in the direction of edgier fiction. 

But why don't you just take a peek for yourself?


A vanished firebird, secret messages, an evil sorceress in a volcano, and a land about to fall into desolation...sounds like adventure pure to me. So, there was no way I could pass up on this one. Explore it with me on the 3rd only a day before it hits the world.

Middle Grade Fantasy


I've had this one on my radar for months and was pretty sure I wasn't going to get my hands on it...yeah, life as a reviewer also brings disappointment. So, when it suddenly arrived in my mailbox, I squealed and danced and....well, did the Bollywood thing! Check it out with me on the 4th.

Middle Grade Contemporary


I'm really looking forward to this one. As in, super excited. It's written by a very well-known, Japanese children's author and circles between fantasy and mystery with magic, myth, and all that goodness which makes Asian children's fantasy so wonderful. Take the mystical trip with me on the 1st.

Middle Grade Fantasy 


I saw this cover and was intrigued. The blurb isn't exactly the usual run-down but gives more impressions than plot. So, I'm expecting magic, mystery (obviously), a bit of science, romance, slaughter, animals, swords...yeah, I'm not really sure what this one will hold. But find out with me on the 24th because I'm more than curious.

Young Adult Fantasy / Mystery


This one originally comes from the world of Spanish literature and is finally being translated into English. It's another one from a well-known author and will, without a doubt, be an amazing read. Yep, I'm excited! I'll be sharing more about this one on the 10th.

Middle Grade Magical Realism

When I read the blurb on this one, I had to get my hands on it. If I understood correctly, this one mixes graphic novel elements with usual novel ones and hits on some difficult themes concerning teen parties, drinking, and figuring out the darker side of yourself and others. It should hold suspense high and offer all sorts of unique views. Discover it with me on the 14th.

Young Adult Thriller


This is the 5th book in a popular series, which I have not had the chance to enjoy yet. But it's never too late to jump in, especially since it was re-released this last month (yep, it's that loved by young readers). Plus, isn't that lamb on the front adorable? Frolic with me on the 18th.

Chapter Book Contemporary

Sparkly unicorns have a way of catching my eye, and since I'm a huge fan of nerds, there's no way I could skip out on this one. Plus, this unicorn loves to build robots and play with chemistry and math and...
Yep, it's got to be a good one. Check it out with me on the 22nd.

Picture Book


The moment I saw this one, I knew I had to grab it up. Doesn't this troll look so cute and lonely and perfect for adventure? I'm pretty sure this one involves pirates and a slug. See what else in entails on the 27th.

Picture Book


This read is sold for adults but is also recommended to the YA audience. It takes place in the 2050's and throws a young woman into a world of intrigue and manipulation. It also include topics such as the rising ocean levels, artificial intelligence, and harbors tons of secrets and tension. I've heard great things about this one. Take a trip to the future with me on the 28th.

Young Adult/Adult Science Fiction Thriller

I, honestly, changed, added, deleted, tossed around, and flip-flopped the books in today's list about...oh...thousands of dozens of times? I have so many gems I'd love to share with you but refuse to give in and post more than ten books. (Maybe, that's a silly rule but oh well.) Oh, but wait! I do have a tiny loop-hole in my own rule....

The Joker Read!!! This next one will slide somewhere and somehow into my packed schedule, but I can't tell you which date because I'm not sure myself. Keep an eye out for it because it also promises to be a goodie.


This one comes from a very talented author/blogger friend. I picked it up last year but simply haven't gotten around to diving into it yet, which I totally regret. It has been getting more than fabulous reviews and promises to be an amazing read. 

Young Adult Thriller

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