Monday, August 31, 2020

What's Coming in September?

We're finally sliding back toward the cooler fall months—Yippee! I'll be heading outside more often to read in the evenings, too. Luckily, I have a wonderful pile of books to share with you. This month, I'm going to be heavier on the middle grade end of things, which works out great, since school is rolling back into session for quite a few young readers out there. My own MGer will be at home this first semester with virtual schooling, and I know she'll have extra time for a few reads, too. This month is so diverse that I think I have just about something for everyone.



What better way to start September than with a bit of girl-power? This one takes a favorite playground past time, jump roping, to a whole new level and might inspire a few kids to get hopping themselves. I can't wait to learn more about the sport, and this character looks like she'll be tons of fun to meet. I'll be sharing my thoughts on it's release day—September 1st!

Middle Grade Sport Fiction


Not only do I find the cover on this one so cute, but it is based on William Shakespeare's works. I can imagine this is a fun way to introduce young readers to his literature. You can see if it met my expectations or not on the 2nd (although it is already being released on the 1st).

Picture Book


I found this one very fitting for today's society—a world where words hold magic and those who can use them well hold power and influence over many people. Throw in a heroine seeking justice for the death of her parents, romance, and a fantasy world...and well, I'm more than excited to dive in. It's scheduled for release on October 6th, but I'll tell you what I think already on September 8th.

Young Adult Fantasy


Science? Please! Mystery? You bet! And shove all of this into the hands of a group of friends, who are up against an evil billionaire and his terrible plans, and you've got me raising my hand. This is based on an award winning, we'll see what I think on the 9th already. The release date is set for October 6th.

Middle Grade Mystery/Science Fiction


A little early to start getting ready for Halloween? Nope. Not in my world. This picture book dives into fun facts about everything from vampires to mummies to witches. This is a debut for Mr. Guth, and I can't wait to see what goodness lies in store. You can be spooked with me on the 11th.

Picture Book


Babushka dolls have always fascinated me, and my husband even has a set he picked up in Russia years ago. I couldn't say no when I was offered the chance to dive into this one. Not to mention, I have a soft spot for tales from around the world! You can read my thoughts on the 14th.

Middle Grade Folklore


Unicorns and glitter? Yes, please! I'm ready to smirk and giggle while reading this one. It doesn't come out until the 29th, but you can delve into the world of sparkles and unicorns with me already on the 18th. (I wonder if these unicorns farts rainbows. Guess, we'll find out!)

Picture Book


The cover already has me excited to discover more about this one! It rotates around new families, a magical old house, and a mysterious cat. Doesn't that sound like a wonderful combination? It comes out on September 5th, but I won't be taking a look at it until the 19th.

Middle Grade Fantasy


This is the highly anticipated sequel to The Very, Very Far North (which I haven't read yet but am fixing that). I don't receive many animal tales in middle grade. So, this is a treat. It's not everyday that you see a musk ox as the main character, either. Got to love a musk ox! This one is coming out October 6th, but you'll see my thoughts already on September 28th

Middle Grade Fantasy/Animal Fiction


I'd seen this one around and was excited when asked to take a look at it. It promises monsters, fairies and tons of adventure. In other words, everything a good read needs. I'll reveal whether or not this one is as fun as it sounds on the 24th.

Middle Grade Fantasy


This one is for that secret gothic fan in me. It presents characters locked in a mansion, monsters (psychological and the creepy kind) in the shadows, lurking evil, horrible pasts, tons of secrets, a cold, snowy world...and it's been getting tons of good reviews. I'll tell you what I think on the 25th, although you're going to have to wait a LONG time to grab it up yourselves, since it doesn't appear until March 2nd, 2021.

Young Adult Dark Romance/Fantasy

Should I share more with you? You have no idea how much I'd love to list all of them because there are really some intriguing reads coming up this month. Spooky, humor, sweet, science fiction, fantasy...

Oh, I'll just name a few more (yeah, I'm not good at keeping my excitement to myself.)

Ignite the Sun by Hanna Howard (YA Sci-Fi)
1,001 Creatures by Laura Merz and Aino Jarvinen (a beautiful picture book)
Afterlife of the Party by Marlene Perez (YA Paranormal...great for Halloween!)
Sacred Song of Hermit Thrush: A Native American Legend by Tehanetorens (picture book)

And the list still isn't done!

There will be 27 reviews in total. (Whew!)

Now, that I have given everyone a huge glimpse into this month's upcoming reviews, I hope your reader hearts are pounding as fast as mine. 

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