Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Review: I Love My Fangs! by Kelly Leigh Miller

Is Halloween here already? It's around the corner...maybe. Honestly, I love this holiday, but it's hard not to. Candy. Dressing up. Candy. Jack o' Lanterns. Candy.

Yeah, I might have a sweet tooth. Or fang.

Anyway, it was a treat to already start up that Fall spirit and dream of what costumes the kids will be coming up with this year.

by Kelly Leigh Miller
Simon & Schuster
Picture Book
40 pages
ages 4 to 8

Is a vampire still a vampire if his fang is all wobbly? Find out in this funny and endearing spin on the classic first lost tooth story.

Young Dracula loves his fangs. They are pointy. They are sharp! They are a cherished family trait.

So one day, when a fang wiggles…and jiggles…and falls loose, Dracula doesn’t know what to do.

He tries pushing it back in. Then taping it. Then sticking it.

Because a vampire can’t have only one fang!…Right?



These pages hold a fun, monsterly spin on something all kids experience and can relate to.

This young vampire loves his fangs and takes great care of them. After all, fangs are very important and everyone in the family is proud of theirs. But then, something terrible happens.

Young monster fans are sure to enjoy this one. Not only is this little vampire confident and extremely sure of himself, but thanks to the illustrations, he snuggles right into the comfortable area between human and monsterly. It's never said what this little vampire needs his fangs for (which avoids scarier moments for sensitive readers), the elephant in the room adds a nice, very slightly creepy aura...and that's not even on purpose (I don't think). Instead, the illustrations have him sleeping in a coffin, surrounded by stuffed animals and snuggled in a super sweet and cuddly bat onesie (and that with ears). It's an awesome setting and well done.

But this is not the main point of the tale. This little vampire has a loose tooth, and that is a completely frightening thing, especially for someone like him. But that's only the beginning of the fun. Soon, the tooth fairy gets involved...something that will have young listeners laughing...and the entire thing ends on a lovely note. With a tad bit of humor, too.

It's cute, it's something for young listeners to easily relate to, and it has a uniqueness, which makes one want to read it more than once.

And here she is...

Kelly Leigh Miller is an illustrator and author who loves everything cute and whimsical. She spent her childhood drawing and making up stories in Louisville, Kentucky, and now resides in Chicago, Illinois, where she does that professionally. She is the author of I Am a Wolf, I Love My Fangs!, and many more books to come! Her ideas usually come from daydreaming with her sketchbook and past adventures. When she's not drawing or writing, she enjoys reading a good book, watching spooky movies, exploring museums, and going on adventures. Visit her online at KellyLeighMiller.com

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