Saturday, August 8, 2020

Review: It's Music Time by T.C. Bartlett

by T.C. Bartlett
Sandhill Publishers
Picture Book
50 pages
ages 4 to 8

**** It's Music Time is an Independent Publishers Book Award Gold Medal Winner. ****

About It's Music Time: What if you were taking a pleasant stroll through the forest only to find yourself in a magical wonderland where animals sing, dance, and musical notes float through the air?

Well, that is precisely what happens when an adventurous young lad gets waylaid by a musical extravaganza as he heads to his music lesson.

Anything is possible when you let your imagination take flight, but only true believers will be allowed to dillydally with this daring lionhearted boy as he marches through the woods in It's Music Time .



Music doesn't require words...or has its own way of 'speaking'...and this book lets the wonder of music come to life.

A young boy is sent out of the house to head off to his music lesson with a warning—don't dilly-dally! Of course, the woods are too interesting to hurry straight through, especially with the adventure which awaits this young boy. It's a fun and amazing music lesson of an entirely different kind.

There are words in this book but only on the first and last pages. The rest is told through illustrations. At first, the world is in whites, grays and blacks, showing how mundane everything can be. But it doesn't stay that way very long. The author allows the color to shine through the moment the music starts. But that's not all that starts. There is so much fun and laughter and joy packed into this adventure that young listeners will delve right into every page. There's a wonderful twist about 2/3rds through, which adds the perfect amount of tension, too.

I have a soft spot of picture books without words, and the artwork in this one had me enjoying this one quite a bit. There are enough details and emotions to keep kids coming back time and again to discover new things as well as re-live their favorite moments. It's the kind of book that parents and 'read' with their children together (which means a great time to discuss and point and simply have even silly conversations), or it's one kids can pick up on their own.

Either way, I'm giving this one a big two thumbs up.

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