Sunday, October 30, 2022

What's Coming in November?

Hello, November...and wow! What a mixed-up selection of reads awaits us these next weeks. I can't remember a month, which has been a larger hodge-podge-throw-together of all sorts of genres, directions, age groups...and that made it super hard to get this post together because I had no idea where to begin!

There are more graphic novels than usual, some nonfiction, a couple whispers of nostalgia, a original genre-cross-over or two, and even a nod toward the upcoming holiday season. Oh, I almost forgot the science fiction, fantasy, humor, paranormal, historical and mysteries as well as rescue fiction? Plus, it's going to be heavier on the middle grade and young adult end with not quite so many picture books as I often have (which also means it's going to be a very heavy reading month for me!). 

Here's a quick glimpse at the array...and see what you think!


This is the 4th in the Cat Ninja series, but my first time meeting these characters. I couldn't resist the idea of hamsters and cat ninjas joining together in a great adventure. I believe it's a graphic novel. Join me on the 2nd for what, I hope, is an exciting, fun adventure.

Middle Grade Adventure / Graphic Novel


This one hits the shelves end of the month (29th) and touches on issues such as immigration, grief and emotional hardships. I, honestly, don't know much more than that, except that it centers on a 15-year-old girl and is supposedly quite an engaging read. Find out more with me (which is a lot) on the 4th.

Young Adult Contemporary


I'm thinking this read is packed with silly humor. I'm really not sure what to expect and am wondering if it will take a similar direction as The Monster at the End of This Book. (Okay, that title dates me. So, if you haven't heard of it, that's not really a surprise). Just think ridiculous nonsense pure with tons of reader interaction. Join me on the 6th to discover what these pages hold.

Picture Book


I've been seeing this one around quite a bit the last months. Heading straight into the theme of bullying, this read goes a step further and adds cyberbullying to the mix, too. It centers around a girl with a lisp, who is determined to help her brother achieve his internet dream. I'm going to be diving into this one on its release day, the 8th.

Middle Grade Contemporary


There's a new non-fiction series out, and I'm going to be taking a glance at a couple titles because I love non-fiction. This one promises to hold a wealth of information and wonderful photography, and is recommended to schools and homeschoolers, too. I can't wait to dive in and discover the world of nighttime animals. Join me on the 15th!

Picture Book  Non-fiction

Set in a science fiction world, this tale rotates around the idea that some humans inherited a gene to give them immortality...which is great until it isn't, and jealousy(?) has the government hunting these immortals down and killing them. Take one of these exterminators, have him run into a female immortal, who catches his heart, and I bet sparks are going to fly as well as tons of action. Find out more on the 18th.

Young Adult Science Fiction Romance


This originated as a webtoon but has found so much popularity that it's coming out soon as a graphic novel in English. It's a dark fantasy, which centers around a tower. The MC has lived his entire life under the tower, but when his friend is summoned inside, things change. Or something like that. Discover more with me on the 20th just a couple days before its release.

Young Adult Fantasy / Manga

Sold as a pick for fans of Hatchet and The Skeleton Tree, this one centers around an academy and a risky rescue in a snowy landscape. Survival techniques join surround a girl's determination to save lives. It promises to give a refreshing twist to academy novels, and we'll find out if this is true on the 28th.

Tween Adventure


Sold as Caraval meets Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, my interest was immediately caught. I was a huge fan of Buffy, back in the day, and am ready to give this read a whirl and see what it holds. Find out more with me on the 25th.

Young Adult Paranormal


This one was, unfortunately, squeezed out of my list last year due to scheduling reasons (I can't read everything I'd love to!). So, get ready this year to dive into a life of trees, snow and fun. I do hope it will be fun. Join the adventure with me on the 27th.

Middle Grade Holiday Fiction

What is a joker read? Each and every month, I have more books on my pile than I could possibly ever get to read. While every day of the month is already filled with a recommended read for the day, I always have one or two (or more?) others, which I'd love to work in but have no idea how or when. Luckily (or unluckily), the publishing world isn't always predictable and a book I was suppose to receive doesn't arrive.... Or maybe the book I expected to be a fun or good read didn't meet my expectations. (Yep, I only read and review books I enjoy!) So, there's always the possibility of working other great reads in somehow...sometime. 

This month, I have the following book at the top of my 'still want to read' pile...


The first book in this series released in May...and yes, I read it and loved it. Now, the 2nd one is coming out. Not only is it a graphic novel, but it packs three mysteries into one volume: The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan, The Case of the Cryptic Crinoline, and The Case of Baker Street Station. I'm really excited to jump into this one....but when????? Ugh. It was, unfortunately, placed on my extra pile for this month. But there's no way I'm not going to get to this one. I just have no clue when, yet.

Young Adult Mystery / Graphic Novel

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