Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Today's read... An Atlas of Lost Kingdoms by Emily Hawkins

Reality can be the best fiction, and today's read swirls along the border of both. This atlas for middle graders takes a peek at places, which might have or did exist and have disappeared without a trace. Some is based on historical facts. Others come from legends. There are even those, which fall into the category of the unknown. I'm hoping that this read sparks the imagination, while expanding readers' knowledge along the way.

This one hit the shelves just a few days ago, so adventures and dreamers can dive in already themselves


Discover Mythical Lands, Lost Cities and Vanished Islands
by Emily Hawkins
Illustrated by Lauren Mark Baldo
Wide Eyed Editions
Middle Grade Nonfiction
96 pages
ages 7 to 12

On this quest around the world, you will discover lost kingdoms, phantom islands, and even legendary continents once sought by explorers but now believed to be mythical.

For centuries, people have dreamed of finding the lost worlds of AtlantisEl Dorado, and the Seven Cities of Gold. As well as shedding light on these famously elusive places, this atlas contains maps and captivating illustrations to illuminate lesser-known destinations, from the lost island of Hy-Brasil to the desert city of Zerzura. You will learn about rich mythologies from different cultures, from the Aztecs to the ancient Britons, from the Greek legends to Japanese folklore.
Most of the places in this book have never been found, but within these pages you will succeed where the adventurers of the past were thwarted. Learn about ancient mapsage-old manuscripts, and cryptic carvings that reveal clues to the whereabouts of these lost kingdoms. The journey will transport you to thoroughly other-worldly places.

From Emily HawkinsNew York Times bestselling author of Oceanology—comes this whimsical blend of myth and history, fact and fantasy. This lavish volume will fire the imaginations of young adventurers everywhere.



With bright illustrations, maps, and interesting bits of information the 'missing' cities of myth and history come to life.

Starting out with a short introduction into the entire area of 'missing' cities and maps, the book then breaks down into chapters, each centering on a continent, which ends with a 'missing' continent. There is a Table of Contents for easy browsing as well as an index and glossary at the end of the book.

Each chapter begins with a general map to help readers visualize where the cities/places were thought to be or might have been located. The maps carry an artistic flair, letting fantasy mingle with reality. Not only are the locations shown on the map, but there's a quick statement about each one. After this, each place receives a two-page, bright spread with lots of information.

The illustrations not only portray what the place/city might have looked like but let the surrounding, mythical atmosphere flow, which was said to surround each one. Sometimes, it's more historical, while others let the magic shine. The individuals portrayed give a sense of activity and style of life to let each one draw in.

The information is nicely written and fits the intended age group well. The general information surrounding the history or myth is placed in paragraphs, which are artistically surrounded with fitting frames. Little tidbits are sprinkled across the illustration as appropriate, and extra side-notes are added in little boxes here and there. It breaks up the reading, makes it very concise, and covers a variety of directions.

Readers will be left dreaming and are sure to be left remembering several of their favorites...and will be curious to explore and learn more.

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