Thursday, October 20, 2022

Today's read... She's Still Here by Caitlin Alexander

Today's read doesn't hit the shelves until February 2023, but it's all about creepy. So, think of it as a trick to lure you in for future treats. And what an exciting blurb this one has! Plus, it's mystery with ghosts and a possible murderer and a girl, who can see ghosts...and all of that goodness wrapped into a middle grade read. It's the first of a new mystery series. Or I should say paranormal investigation series (doesn't that sound neat?).  But before I blabber anymore, let's just take a peek.

Kate Sablowsky Paranormal Investigator Series, Book One
by Caitlin Alexander
Monarch Educational Services, LLC
Middle Grade Mystery  /   Paranormal
182 pages
ages 8 to 12

FEBRUARY 7th, 2023!

When the dead speak, Kate listens.

Kate is new in town. Jane has been there for what seems like forever. Can Kate find out the truth? The one that is keeping Jane tethered to Ravendale Middle School? Find out in book one of the Kate Sablowsky Paranormal Investigator Series ... And Know Life's not just the here and now.

For fans of Mary Downing Hahn and the Nancy Drew mystery book series, you'll love Caitlin Alexander's debut middle grade paranormal horror, filled with the perfect combination of ghostly mystery and adventure.

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Tension and chills follow this ghostly mystery, setting a wonderful first stage for the beginning of the series.

Kate loves her mother, and they get along great, but that doesn't mean she doesn't begrudge having to move to a town so north it almost hits Canada. Plus, being the kid of a well-known journalist also gets on her nerves. The first day of school goes over fairly smoothly as she meets a possible friend and finds teachers with distinct personalities...but who aren't terribly-awful, otherwise. All seems like it might workout...that is, until the nightmares begin, and she discovers she might have inherited some paranormal awareness, which is leading her to a past death and a possible murder.

I'm just going to start out and say that this is a fun, spooky, mysterious read, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing what mysteries will pop up next. Kate is a 7th grader and packs an attitude and isn't pleased with many things. She does like to mumble and complain, making her a bit negative. This would irritate, but it's very well buffered by her amazing relationship with her mother (a fun one) and her true, actually warm and positive nature beneath. She's clear-thinking and great as a detective for the paranormal.

The story is well laid with some aspects easy to see coming and others not. So, it does a great job of luring the reader in and keeping them guessing without risking that they get lost. The paranormal side is a treat and adds the right eeriness to hint at thrillers and such without ever actually going too far in that direction. The tale grabs and holds a quick-pace the entire way through. There were some moments and aspects, which dropped in too quick and could have used a little more phase-in time, but it wasn't enough to damper the story as a whole. Also, while Kate is in the 7th grade, there are times when she's comes across more like a high school teen. So I do see tweens enjoying this one quite a bit, too.

All in all, it's a fun read from start to finish. Mystery fans and those who love spookier moments are going to want to pick this one up.

And here she is...

Caitlin Alexander is an author and award-winning journalist. She loves ghost stories and lives  with her husband and children in southeast Minnesota.

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