Friday, October 14, 2022

Today's read... Good Dog School adapted by Tina Gallo

It's time to present something for those beginning readers out there, who love a good story and are learning to discover them on their own. Today's read is a Ready-to-Read Level One book, which makes it great for those readers, who can identify words but need more practice still.

This one comes from a well-known kid's show, Donkey Hodie, and will, no doubt, be recognized by quite a few young readers out there.  

Ready to Read Level 1
adapted by Tina Gallo
written by Stephanie D'Abruzzo
Simon Spotlight
Early Reader
32 pages
ages 4 to 6 

In this Level 1 Ready-to-Read based on an episode from the hit preschool show from Fred Rogers Productions Donkey Hodie, Bob Dog’s friends encourage and support him!

Bob Dog gets nervous to show what he has learned in dog school at his graduation ceremony. His friends help him remember his skills so he can get the confidence boost he needs to overcome this tough obstacle!

© 2022 The Fred Rogers Company



With the caring characters from the Fred Rogers Productions Donkey Hodie, friends and support shine bright an big in these pages.

Bob Dog is very, very nervous. In order to graduate from dog school, he needs to tap dance, sit and stay still, and bake muffins...and that while standing on a stage! While he's nervous to stand in front of everyone, the fear of forgetting something is his biggest concern. But his friends might just know how to help him out.

Fans of Donkey Hodie are going to enjoy this one (of course) and will immediately recognize the characters from the show. Plus, their energy and personalities still manage to gleam off of every page even in book form. It's a warm bunch and no problem to feel welcome and wish to be right their with them. 

This is a level one reader and written in large font with only a sentence or two on each page. It's easy to identify the words and letters, and while each one accompanies an illustration on the page, it's placed clearly above or below for visual ease. Although only level 1, the vocabulary doesn't allow readers too much slack. Right away, the word 'graduate' is presented with a quick pronunciation help as it filters right into the tale. This was well laid and often repeated throughout the text to help the word sit. Other slightly difficult words such as remember, pose, and celebrate keep readers stretching their reading skills without trying to overwhelm in the process. 

The story holds a lovely message of support and encouragement, while keeping fun and humor high. Tap dancing and muffin baking already add a silly twist to dog school graduation. Plus, the friends' solutions to help Bob Dog remember everything spin in far directions, which make sense somehow, anyway. It reads in a bit of a energy-packed flurry, which bordered on heading into too much but reeled back just in time. The atmosphere fits to the characters personalities nicely and is sure to delight show fans.

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