Sunday, October 16, 2022

Today's read... Seamus the Famous: The Eternity Run by Christopher Ring

Anyone up for a little space adventure? Today's read shoots off with imagination into space and beyond, while promising one amazing ride. This is a graphic novel for middle graders and telling by the cover, should offer space ships, aliens and more. It releases in just two more days...

So, let's find out what lies beyond our solar system. 

The Eternity Run
by Christopher Ring
Action Lab Entertainment
Middle Grade Science Fiction/Graphic Novel
ages 7 to 10

OCTOBER 18th!!!

Seamus (the Famous) is BACK! Seamus and his snarky cat, Fitcher, are off on another adventure. Their efforts to free captives from the bondage of the evil commander, Porto Sin, will take them to edges of the galaxy. “The Eternity Run” is an aptly named journey because no one has ever returned from it, but Seamus, Fitcher and their mysterious new crewmate, Bree, are determined to be the first!


Space adventure and imagination shift into high-gear with a boy and his cat, who are ready to take on even the most impossible tasks.

Seamus is a boy with a huge imagination. When he heads out onto the roof outside his bedroom window (not that his parents could ever know!), he settles down next to his best friend, his cat. Soon, the two are jetting through space and meet an alien, who needs their help. Throwing all thought aside, Seamus agrees to complete an dangerous that even he may not be able to complete.

Adventure hits on every page as Seamus' imagination stretches to space and beyond. The shift from his normal life (ignoring his ability to talk to his cat) into spaceship pilot happens abruptly and is a sudden leap into action. After that, the story doesn't slow down.  There are tons of surprises and each obstacle seems more difficult than the last. There's never a boring moment and this holds all the way to the end.

While Seamus and his cat are friends to the end, they don't always harmonize perfectly. The back and forth builds humor, especially when Seamus, sometimes, seems clueless to the situations. It's a great friendship and promises tons more to come.

The illustrations are bright, bold, and packed. There are quite a few details, creating a rich world.  Each character holds their own flair, and it's exciting to see what  the next scene will hold.  

I can't wait to see where Seamus heads next.

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