Saturday, October 15, 2022

Today's read... Be a Ballerina! by Katharine Holabird

I never took dance lessons but that didn't stop me from enjoying this wonderful mouse, when she first appeared years ago. Angelina Ballerina always brought a smile to my and my daughters' faces (my sons', too, although they'll never admit it). So, when I was asked to take a peek at this one...AND it has punch-out cards, too...of course, I agreed.

Put on those dance shoes because it's time for some dancing dreams!

Angelina Ballerina
by Katharine Holabird
Illustrated by Helen Craig
Simon Spotlight
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

Angelina Ballerina shows young readers all the ways to be a ballerina in this storybook!

Angelina Ballerina does many things throughout her day that help her be the best ballerina she can be. Ballerinas fuel their bodies, so Angelina eats a healthy breakfast. They’re dedicated and determined, like Angelina as she goes to ballet school and practices at home. Little ones will see how ballerinas ask for help, never give up, and more!

© 2022 Helen Craig Ltd and Katharine Holabird. The Angelina Ballerina name and character and the dancing Angelina logo are trademarks of HIT Entertainment Limited, Katharine Holabird, and Helen Craig.



Ballerina dreams follow a sweet mouse as she learns the important things to remember, when working to achieve her goals.

This new addition to an already much-loved series follows little Angelina as she lives through the day of a dance presentation. From eating a healthy breakfast, being on time for practice, and finally, the showcase, she learns valuable lessons, which all ballerinas must remember as they strive to be the best dancers they can be. Each lesson is accompanied by a simple, highlighted phrase of wisdom. These can then be found again on punch-out clouds, which can be removed from the book jacket and hung around a mirror, on a wall, or anywhere else as reminders of important things to remember as a ballerina. 

While the pages, obviously, have the goal of bringing across these words of wisdom, Angelina's small adventure never comes across as overly preachy. Instead, the phrases fall right along into her day, allowing the more exciting moments of getting ready for the show to stay on center stage. Plus, as Angelina fans already know, she's a mouse to adore.

The illustrations carry a beautiful, traditional flair, which brings the mice and the ballerina world across with details and love. It's fun to simply flip through these and sink into each scene.

This is a book young ballerinas are sure to enjoy...and the punch-out cards add just the right amount of extra fun.

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Heather said...

I love all the Angelina books. The artwork is so charming and the stories are sweet.