Monday, October 3, 2022

Today's read... Cute Chibi Mythical Beasts and Magical Monsters by Phoebe Im

It's only the 3rd, and I'm already shoving my schedule around! Today's read was actually coming in later this month, but I've pulled it up early...ummm...and not because it's super adorable and cute. Nope, that's not the reason. (It really isn't, but I still adore this book). I was a scribbler as a kid, and my own children are, too. So, this read was an automatic pick-it-up. Plus, anyone who knows the world of Chibis also knows how popular they are.

Anyway, let's just get on with it and take a peek! 

Mythical Beasts & Magical Monsters
Learn How to Draw Over 60 Enchanting Creatures
by Phoebe Im
Rock Point
Art / Nonfiction
144 pages

Create your own chibi world with fun and adorable step-by-step drawing exercises, including over 60 fantasy creatures and characters featuring different accessories, clothing, facial expressions, and poses.

These fantasy creatures and animals will make you squeal with delight! Chibi is Japanese slang for “short,” and the characters in Cute Chibi Mythical Beasts & Magical Monsters live up to this description with their cute roly-poly bodies that make them extremely lovable and huggable.

Phoebe Im, creator of Bobblejot, has a cute and easy drawing style that is made accessible through this how-to book for artists of all levels. Cute Chibi Mythical Beasts & Magical Monsters features easy-to-follow instructions to help you enjoy the world of chibi, incorporating dynamic expressions and poses to challenge your skills. Along with the step-by-step instructions, there are inspiration pages with fun accessories and clothing, facial expressions, and different poses as well as a digital workshop to guide you on how to make quick drawings on your phone or tablet.

Learn how to draw these fantasy creatures in cute chibi style:
Big Foot
Dragons (various species)
Loch Ness Monster
Practice and expand your drawing skills as you create adorable chibi beasts and creatures with this fun and accessible book.



Adorable monsters are no problem to achieve thanks to these easy to understand directions, tips & tricks, and more

This is a book for all those Chibi fans out there, who would love to learn how to draw a few or even create their own. Starting with a definition of what a Chibi is, the author first goes through some short and helpful tidbits surrounding how to use the book, what tools will be needed, various tips to watch while drawing, a whole assortment of information surrounding the basics of sketching (color, lines, shading, etc), and finally, a creature key, which show each and every one of the sixty Chibis demonstrated in these pages...and these include a wide variety. The book is divided into four categories of creatures to help give it some organization. Plus, there's a table of contents to make finding everything easy, anyway.

Chibi fans from young to old will have no problem using this guide. The style is more geared toward the younger audience, but the directions surrounding the sketching fit all age groups. These follow a step-by-step process from the traditional use of circles and lines to gain the bodies shape before the creature's own body takes over. I'm a huge supporter of this approach, since it shows how to put these creatures together and gives a basis on how to easily change their positions and postures while staying true to form. Plus, it gives the basis for young artists to develop their own Chibi or head in new directions.

The array of creatures is vast, covering those reminding of mangas to more mythical ones such as fairies or vampires. Each one is adorable. And this definitely encourages readers/artists to let their pencils fly and dive into cute creation. I know quite a few readers, who will enjoy this one quite a bit.

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