Monday, October 17, 2022

Today's read... The Recruit's Playbook by Larry Hart

Today's read slides into a realm, which hits a little more close to home in our family. One of my own sons is currently waist deep in college and scholarship applications (albeit not for sports), while one of my nephews, who is also at this stage, just received a football scholarship. Now, today's read is actually more aimed at football hopefuls, who are just starting out their Freshman year in high school. Yep, scholarship hunting and molding everything to fit requirements for college begins the moment (if not before) kids walk through that high school door. I wish it weren't so, but it is. And this book should help all those sport orientated kids out there, who dream of playing college ball...and beyond.

Ready to take a peek?

A 4-Year Guide to College Football Recruitment for High School Athletes
by Larry Hart
YA Nonfiction
188 pages

#1 New Release in Teen & Young Adult Football, Fitness & Exercise, School & Education, and Mindfulness & Meditation

This all-in-one game plan for young football players in search of a collegiate scholarship takes a deep dive into demystifying the football recruiting process.

Your play-by-play guide to scoring big. The Recruit’s Playbook is written to help guide preteens and teenage boys through their journey from high school football to college football. As an alumni NFL draft pick turned D1 college football coach, author Larry Hart utilizes his vast knowledge of the sport to help guide you through 9th to 12th grade, highlighting what to do and when to do it. It is one of the first college football books of its kind, aimed to help high school athletes navigate college football recruiting. Through clear and effective information that is easy to follow, The Recruit’s Playbook helps high school athletes each step of the way.

Be the best athlete you can be. Coach Hart offers a holistic approach to being a top athlete and prospect. From setting goals effectively, prioritizing academic skills, self-advocacy, asking the right questions, building your brand, establishing an online presence, overcoming adversity, and “pro tips”—this playbook has you covered.

Also find:

  • An exclusive look into the football recruiting process
  • Practical tips on how to balance an increasingly demanding teenage life
  • Expert advice on how to be a standout NCAA football recruiting prospect

If you enjoyed books like The Young Champion's Mind: How to ThinkTrain, & Thrive Like an Elite AthleteShoot Your Shot, or Trust the Grind, then you’ll love The Recruit’s Playbook.



With the feel of a coach sitting down for a serious and honest conversation, this book glides through everything from figuring out true goals, recognizing the meaning of hard work, and offers an overview of everything surrounding the college football realm.

Starting out with a foreword and more personal experiences from the author's own football journey, this book then dives into a well laid-out guide of the journey to being recruited for college ball (as well as possible scholarships) from beginning to end. The first chapter already hits the heart of the theme by asking the very honest and often over-looked question of what the athlete's true goals are. Then, the author explains how much work, time, and sacrifice the goal of college football really means. After this, the game plan of how to best prepare for the recruiting process, starting from the very first day of the freshman year, is presented before going into the details of the recruiting process itself. So, it covers quite a bit of ground and hits upon a broad range of aspects.

While delivering all of these helps, tips and details, the author has made the atmosphere honest and open. His own experiences and insights aren't only interesting and create an easy read, but they make the points more understandable and relatable. By adding in questions and guides for the reader to fill-out as well as checklists, the entire thing becomes more personal and assists the reader in relating the information to their own situations.

This read offers a broad spectrum of information, while not trying to puff things up and smooth reality over. It's encouraging and inspiring, while still expressing the pain, time, work...and even grades...involved.  For anyone considering playing college football, this is well worth a peek.

And here he is...

Larry Hart is a Division I college football coach at the University of Houston. As a native Mississippian steeped in football and applying his skill set as an enthusiast, all-American college athlete, alumni NFL draft pick, and football coach with over a decade of firsthand knowledge of football athletics, Coach Hart has an experienced voice that efficiently guides readers and equips them with the tools and practical tips they need to succeed. Coach Hart has a Master’s degree in Communication Studies, lives in Houston, Texas with his wife, Juliet, and dreams of making his mark as a part-time, bestselling author.

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