Sunday, October 2, 2022

Today's read... Bacon Pie by Candace Robinson and Gerardo Delgadillo

Happy Sunday! Hopefully, it's as beautiful a day for you as it is for us...sunny, not-too-hot-or-cold, and fresh. Well, except for the ragweed and a few sneezes and such. I call it the sneezy time of year.

Today's read is not new to the world but hit the shelves in 2018. The title and cover caught my attention because (I'm not going to lie) bacon and party atmosphere and all that mixed with pie. This is a romance and promises to be a light, easy read...or that's what the reviews have claimed. 

Let's just take a look, okay?

by Candace Robinson
and Gerardo Delgadillo
Evernight Teen
YA Romance
292 pages

Lia Abbie has the easy life—kicking it back with old school video games, hanging out with her best friend Barnabas, and alternating her living schedule between the apartments of her two dads and her mom.

Kiev Jimenez is a theater geek who loves him some Shakespeare and taking care of his pet armadillo. He has one set goal in life: obtaining the role of Horatio for the Hamlet school play.

When a showdown between Lia and Kiev lands them in the principal's office, they're forced into volunteer work at the cringe-worthy Piggy Palooza Festival, or risk being suspended. Lia and Kiev aren’t thrilled about the situation, especially when it interferes with Lia's relaxed life and Kiev's theater role. But by working together, they may find more than just bacon—possibly a little love in the air.

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Hate morphs to heartache and fluttering butterflies in a warming tale of high school crushes and love.

Kiev loves his family (although he refuses to speak Spanish outside of the home), Shakespeare, and his snuggly pet armadillo. He doesn't really have in super goals in life outside of grabbing the role of Horatio in the Hamlet play. But when the role is snatched away before he even gets a chance to audition for it, and then, an argument lands him in volunteer hours and the awful Piggy Palooza Festival, his calm life is turned on its head.

This tale is told from two points of view, Lia's and Kiev's. The two are as different as sunshine and rain, each happy with themselves in their own, individual worlds. Neither is horribly popular, and that's fine, since they're fine with who they are. And I loved that, since it does take these characters out of the usual realm of cliche. The cast is diverse with even side characters from different backgrounds and attitudes. It creates a colorful mix for an engaging read and personalities to love, like or even hate. Family is also involved in just the right amount to make a great atmosphere.

The read flows by effortlessly with tension, emotion, laughs, and heart. The characters come across extremely naturally, which made the entire read smooth. At least, the main characters. The side ones carried more corners and edges, and will hit readers differently. There is bad language and one character, in particular, is hormone central and flaunts this attitude excessively without reprimand straight through to the end. 

Romance fans, who just want to enjoy a cute story of enemies to lovers, will want to pick this one up. 

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