Thursday, July 1, 2021

What's Coming in July?

It's summer time!!! Which means reading on the beach or near the pool or on the deck or during a hiking break...or anywhere. As always, I've got an interesting line-up on reviews this month. While putting this post together, I was surprised to find that I have a handful of contemporary reads...a genre, which I don't usually like to dive into too much. Guess, that will change this month. (I'm surprised there aren't more fantasy...huh.) 

The rest is an even balance of picture books, middle grade novels, and young adult reads, and the genres are all over the place. Yes, I do mean all over.

Yep, we'll be hitting everything from spooky tales to camping trips and fantasy worlds to deep-contemporary thoughts.  And even a summer romance? Possibly?

Ready for a glimpse? 


I was a sucker for covers again. Doesn't this little girl look so precious? This one is about soup and everything that goes into it. It sounds like it mixes a little imagination and tons of to snuggle up with, read, and enjoy the warmth involved just like a cup of soup. Enjoy it with me on the 3rd.

Picture Book


This is the sequel to the New York Times bestseller, Out of My Mind. (Shh...I didn't read the 1st one. I have a habit of doing that, don't I?) Anyway,  this is a  read, which should pack tons of emotion and heart. Lay out in the sun and discover more with me on the 5th.

Middle Grade Contemporary


This one comes from an award-winning, British author and mixes themes such as adoption and entering teen years (yep, it's a tweeny!), while gliding in elements from fantasy and magic. It's a shorter read with under 170 pages, and I'm looking forward to seeing what it holds. Peer in with me on the 8th.

Tween Fantasy


I'm not an avid reader of contemporary/relationship novels, but every now and then, one catches my attention, and I agree to take a peek. This one has a young girl, who, due to some convincing circumstances, dances between truths and lies. See what I think on the 15th.

Young Adult Contemporary


Coming from the Persian/Iran realm, this translated picture book circles around a physically disabled girl, who loves to use her imagination. Telling by the reviews, this one has a different view than us 'westerners' are accustom to...which makes me all the more excited to dive in. You can learn more with me on the 16th.

Picture Book


The author of this one was chosen as one of the top '20 under 40' by the New Yorker. It's a graphic novel, which is suppose to be pretty quirky with a very spunky and original heroine. It's packed with all sorts of imaginary creatures and a bit of mystery (I believe)...oh, and tons of adventure. I'm taking a glimpse at it on the 21st.

Middle Grade Fantasy


Isn't the cover neat and original? That's not the only thing which intrigued me, though. This one is a modern day fable about a teen, who's pulled into a parallel, fantasy universe and has the chance to fulfill her greatest dream. Of course, there's a ton more—wars, magic, a task she must fulfill and the entire idea that dreams may not be what we expect. See more about it on the 23rd.

Young Adult Fantasy


The moment I read the blurb on this one, I had to have it. A girl, working as a waitress (my heart goes out to my daughter here!), wants so much more and takes a chance by entering a TV cooking contest. Doesn't that set the perfect stage? I'm really hoping this one holds as much as it possibly can (tons of potential). Find out with me on the 26th.

Young Adult Contemporary


Translated from Korean, this should be a beautiful picture book about....yep, you guessed it!.. a very slow lizard. I'm looking forward to the illustrations and am excited to see where this takes the reader. Gaze with me on the 27th.

Picture Book


The cover caught my attention again...and the title. Set in the 1910's, a girl's mother marries a physician, who is treating typhoid. She discovers strange happenings and needs to figure out what's really going on. I'm honestly curious what this one will be like. Find out with me on the 25th.

Middle Grade Historical

Of course, that's only a peek at all the goodness to come. I have at least one more graphic novel, some fantastical YA, some more emotional reads, and even a few, which head out to the salty sea. 

This month's joker is growing, multiplying, and emerging as a joker combo! I've got 2 books, which work so well together (although they are as separate as separate can be). So, I'm making a Camping Day! When? Well, that's the question, isn't it?

We're going camping! While the 1st book should be a humor-packed adventure to guarantee laughs and amazement, the 2nd gets down and gritty as real camping and adventure take place. I thought it was perfect for the summer and all those young campers out there.

Middle Grade Humor /  Middle Grade Nonfiction


Natalie Aguirre said...

Looks like you've got a lot of fun books to read in July. I've been reading a little bit more contemporary too and have found I enjoy it.

Tonja Drecker said...

There are some amazing contemporary reads out there. Poke me whenever you discover something special, would you? (I'm always on the look-out for amazing reads)