Monday, July 5, 2021

Review: Snakes Smell with Their Tongues by Thea Feldman

I'm having a little shake-up today because books don't always arrive as they should (anyone in the publishing world knows there are snags). Instead, we're hitting non-fiction today, and one I know will fascinate some curious readers out there.

I find snakes intriguing...although I'm not a huge fan of running into the neighborhood copperhead while pulling weeds. Still, most snakes are amazing, and I'm starting off this week with a read all about them. This one is for beginning readers, who are slowly getting a handle on words. It's packed with illustrations and facts.

Ready to slither in? 

Super Facts for Super Kids
Ready To Read Level Two
by Thea Feldman
Illustrated by Lee Cosgrove
Simon Spotlight
Children's NonFiction
32 pages
ages 5 to 10

JULY 13th!!!

Super Facts for Super Kids is a fun, fresh take on animal nonfiction for beginning readers. Filled with engaging photographs, comic-style illustrations, and cool infographics, these Level 2 Ready-to-Reads are sure to flap, flip, and float off the shelves!

Readers will love learning about what makes snakes “super,” like how they can dive deep underwater, can only swallow their food whole, glide through the air, and more! Plus you can learn how snake venom is being used for medicinal purposes!



These facts will give young readers an entirely new look on the world of snakes and make even snake fearers a tiny bit curious.

This book is all about snakes. It's brightly illustrated with real life photos, which alone are fun flipping through and gazing at. But this book isn't just about introducing snakes, it hits upon a few lesser known facts, which show how interesting and versatile these creatures are.

More than a few snakes are presented as their habits, abilities and unique characteristics are brought to light. There are some things little snake enthusiasts will probably already know, but there are also facts which will surprise them. It's written for readers, who have just gotten a little bit better grasp on words, but still aren't ready to hit 'older' books. The terms are simple and well presented. The text is never overwhelming but sticks to a few lines on each page.

The photos are, of course, lovely to see, but this one also includes other illustrations to perk things up a bit. Comic like illustrations also pepper certain sections, which is something even reluctant readers will appreciate it. And all of this does work to deliver the facts about snakes clearly.

I would have definitely picked this one up as a kid...out of sheer curiosity, if nothing else...and my own children aren't any different. It's a fun way to support beginning readers while giving them a bit of biology along the way.

And here they are...

Thea Feldman, a children’s book writer and editor, has helped develop early reader series for various major children’s book publishers. She is also a lifelong animal lover and has written numerous children’s books about animals, worked at the Wildlife Conservation Society, and is a writer and editor for the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals. She especially enjoys the opportunity to write early readers about animals. Her cat, Rose, loves to sleep on anything Thea has written. 

Lee Cosgrove is a children’s illustrator from a small town on the banks of the River Mersey in England. A lifelong doodler, his love of drawing is inspired by a childhood of Saturday morning cartoons, den-building adventures, and an endless supply of crayons. Working as a full-time illustrator for the last ten years, Lee has enjoyed working on a wide range of projects from illustrating picture books, board games, and billboards. He loves to bring humor and lots of character to his illustrations. When he hasn’t got a pencil in hand, he can be found fossil hunting, feeding hedgehogs, or doing flying kicks.

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