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Review: The Whole World Inside Nan's Soup by Hunter Liguore and Vikki Zhang

Nothing beats a warm bowl of soup, especially on a cold day...and absolutely nothing is better than a soup cooked with love. Just seeing the cover on this one lead to all sorts of memories shooting through my head, which surprised me. But after reading this book, I knew why and will probably never look at soup as a simple thing again (if I ever did)

Ready to try a taste?

by Hunter Liguore
Illustrated by Vikki Zhang
Yeehoo Press
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

AUGUST 21st!!!

There's something special bubbling in Nanni's big metal pot. And it smells delicious! What ingredients might be inside? When Nanni lifts the lid on her soup, she reveals the whole world inside: from the seeds that grew into vegetables, to the gardeners who lovingly tended to the plants, to the sun, moon, and stars that shone its light above them. And, of course, no meal is complete without a recipe passed down generations of family, topped and finished with a Nanni's love.
In this tender tale by award-winning author Hunter Liguore and artist Vikki Zhang, readers will marvel in how a community and world can come together to put on an unforgettable meal between a granddaughter and her Nanni. Perfect for fans of Thank You, Omu and Fry Bread.



                                    * gentle Grandmother and Granddaughter relationship
                                    * working together
                                    * shows the wonders of preparing a meal together


With illustrations, which whisk readers away and capture the attention from beginning to end, this is a tale packed with the truth of what goes into a bowl of soup.

When a little granddaughter asks her grandmother what's in the big pot on the stove, she opens the door to an answer she never suspected: seeds. From here, the grandmother reveals all of the work, effort, and things needed from beginning to end to create a pot of soup. And it's quite a bit.

This book held even more than I expected. While I figured it'd be about a caring grandmother and her love for her grandchild, these pages don't stop there. Instead, this book continues on to explore the entire journey of a seed, growing, being harvested, and finally ending up in the pot of soup. And it does this in a delightful way, which never feels like a lesson or lecture. 

The dialogue between the grandmother and grandchild drive this one forward and create a personal as well as warm atmosphere. It is ideal as a read -aloud and while there is sometimes a bit more text, it flows wonderfully and is great for the age group. The message is very clear and the pathway from seed to pot is easy to follow. 

The illustrations are a treat. They are placed in the Asian culture and still are very familiar and easy for young listeners to explore and recognize the various scenes. One half of the page is in tones of blue, while the other is full color. The illustrations hold tons of details, and while they bring across the grandmother's points very clearly, there is even a few humorful things tossed in. Listeners will enjoy flipping through this book over and over again because there are quite a few things to discover.

I can highly recommend this one. It not only presents a warm relationship, but teaches young readers about all the things and people involved in getting something as soup to the table.

And here they are...

Hunter Liguore is a gentle advocate for living in harmony with the natural world and with one another. An award-winning author, professor, and historian, when you support her work, you’re partaking in an equal exchange that supports compassion and peace in the world. When not making soup, she is often roaming old ruins, hillsides, and cemeteries. For more, visit:


Vikki Zhang is an illustrator and fashion designer of over 50 books and numerous films, toys, fashion, and advertising. She is the winner of The 63rd Society of illustrators NYC (book category), and The 16th CACC Best Illustration. She held her solo exhibitions in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou. To learn more, visit

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