Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Review: Lost in Nowhere by Barbara Pietron

 Time for a bit of historic, ghostly pleasure...oh, and with a dash of romance thrown in. Today's review hits the third book in a series (which I haven't read so far...as I tend to do). But this one wasn't a problem to sink into all on it's own. Ready for some historic moments leaning toward eeriness?

by Barbara Pietron
Scribe Publishing Company
Young Adult Paranormal

Jeni has fully accepted her spiritual ability, and yet she's unnerved by the apparition of Marielle, the ghost of a pioneer girl asking for help. As the ghost’s tragic love story unfolds in her dreams, Jeni's resistance melts and she resolves to save the soul of Marielle’s lost love. When she discovers her own impulses cause Marielle to act uncharacteristically, Jeni believes she can change the past. Despite warnings against meddling with time, Jeni's convinced she can save the soul of Marielle's lover. Deep inside a dream and intent on her quest, Jeni is lured into a trap that binds her soul to Marielle’s. With no allies, no knowledge about crossing through time and with limited 18th century resources, Jeni is terrified: failure will leave her soul trapped in the past, or worse . . . lost in nowhere. 

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 I have not read the first two books in the series, and while it is clear when reading this book that there are other books in the series, not reading them does not cause any issues. In other words, this one can be picked up on its own.

Jeni stays clear of the Mississippi River, knowing that a spirit connected to the river can cause issues for her, but a family event makes this impossible. Accustom to seeing ghosts, she isn't shocked when Marielle, a ghost from long before, appears. Touched by the story Marielle shows her through dreams, Jeni finally decides to help her but finds herself transported back in time and placed in Marielle's body. Now, she needs to find a way to help Marielle or suffer the consequences.

This was a lovely read and does draw in with it's unique twist. Jeni has come to accept her abilities and, thanks to her concern for the ghost, hard not to like and root for. The zap through time is also well done...something I wasn't sure would work. But it does. Very well. There is a bit of confusion whenever Jeni comes back, but then, it's no wonder that Jeni would be confused. So, it comes across naturally.

The writing is well done and flows, while drawing in. There is enough tension to keep the pace quick while still allowing enough depth to draw into the characters. One of the side characters does come across a little inconstant in her reactions, but then, it could be part of her personality since one doesn't really know much about her...nor does the reader have to. Even the romance works and doesn't go along the usual swoony thread but shows more of a realistic side. 

This is an engaging read with a wonderful historical twist.

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