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Review: Iridescent by S. H. Everly

Thoughts of summer almost always include beaches and, today's review is just right for the approaching end of July! This one is a clean fantasy with faith, magic, and so much more. Plus, I liked the cover with its wonderful blue.

Ready for a quick splash?

Iridescent book cover

Iridescent #1
by S. H. Everly
YA Fantasy
25 February, 2021


For 17-year-old Katrina Peterson, life is never the same after she finds out she’s moving back to California. Upon arrival, Katrina learns that the town has secrets, and at the heart of them is the mysterious and popular Jared, who’s been dreaming about her long before she came to Santa Cruz.

Only one thing seems to have all the answers: a map given to her by her mother. But Katrina wonders how long she can keep her own secret from Jared. Will he ever accept her for who she truly is? But, more importantly, can she?

A story filled with friendship, family, love, and even faith, Iridescent will take you away to the beaches and ocean waters of Central California, and on a magical journey in this coming of age book.
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Refreshing as a splash of water, this read carries wholesome values while spinning an intriguing tale of magic, mystery, romance, family and friends.

Katrina is about to embark on her senior year. She's happy living in Chicago and spending most of her time with her marine biologist aunt in the aquarium along with her best friend, Brandon. When her aunt suddenly moves them to Santa Cruz, Katrina is devastated...and she wonders if she'll ever see Brandon again. But she doesn't have long to ponder on the issue as new friends and tons of secrets come in. Add strange occurrences, the mystery of her parents' deaths, and a strange map left behind by her mother, and Katrina's life is about to become anything but normal.

This is such a fun read. Katrina is a girl with energy and heart, who tries her best to deal with each situation no matter how difficult they are. Secrets abound just as she's trying to reorganize her life, and it's clear that danger lurks not far away. The family and friendship side is inspirational, even when doubts settle in. Some things are easy to guess; others are hard to see coming. In any case, it's a fun mix of fantasy, faith, and coming of age.

It's a quick read despite its longer length, and the tale does keep the reader in the pages. There are several unexpected plot turns, more than a few interesting characters, and even the romance isn't easy but allows a nice sense of tension...if it is the true romance, that is. This is the beginning of a series and it lays the foundation for the upcoming books well.

While the pacing in this one stays quick the whole way through, there were moments it seemed to suddenly surge forward before breaking again. I found myself a bit confused more than once and felt like things jumped forward without explanation, leaving a few logic holes. But it still wasn't enough to kill the rest of the read. Fans of magic, faith, and mystery are sure to enjoy this one.

S.H. Everly author picture
And here she is...
Sarah is the author of Iridescent. She is a lover of the ocean and the beach which have inspired her writing, and she is also inspired by her Christian faith. In her free time, she loves baking gluten-free recipes and painting. Something on Sarah's bucket list is to write a full first draft on a typewriter. She is excited to continue writing the sequel to Iridescent, Book 1 of the Iridescent Series.

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