Sunday, July 18, 2021

Review: The Underground Toy Society by Jessica D. Adams


You're the Illustrator!
by Jessica D. Adams
Children's Fiction / Activity
43 pages

The toys told Samantha not to go because it was too dangerous outside!

Samantha was determined to find her best friend, Stacey. They had not seen each other for many years. Their owners had grown up and moved out of their childhood home, separating Samantha and Stacey. They sat collecting dust, waiting for new children to play with them.

Will Samantha and Stacey ever see each other again? Will they remain lonely forever just like other old, forgotten toys in the world?



A story comes to life and let's kids discover their own imagination and artistry in the process.

This book follows the original tale from the author but then takes it a step further. Listeners gain a unique role in this book and are encouraged to become the illustrators. The story is just right as a read aloud for younger audiences or can be used as a reader for those, who are pretty sure of their words. The vocabulary is easy to understand, and the tale runs along at a nice pace. It's a sweet tale with a message listeners can easily identify with. So, it's a fun tale already without the extra activities

But this is a book to really dive into. Some pages encourage the listener to color an already existing illustration (like a coloring book). Other ones invite the child to add their own ideas or expand on already partial illustrations. Each one allows the listener to let their own imagination seep in. This makes it a great read for reluctant readers, homeschoolers or simply as an activity for those quieter hours. 

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