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Review: Life and Other Complication by Heather Mullaly with Giveaway!

 Life and Other Complications is a new young adult contemporary book by Heather Mullaly in which a 17 year old girl can't bring herself to tell her friends the truth about how she contracted HIV so she writes to the one person who might understand, a girl she's never met.

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Life and Other Complications
by Heather Mullaly
YA Contemporary
5 July, 2021

Seventeen-year-old Aly Bennett has been in love with her friend Luke for years. She hasn't told him how she feels for two reasons. 1) She's the girl with HIV. 2) She lied about how she got it.
Aly never meant to lie. The words just slipped out on her first day of a support group for kids living with life-threatening conditions. It was the day she met Luke and Caroline, who would become her best friends and the closest thing she has to a family. After so many years, Aly doesn’t know how to tell her friends the truth. So she paints and she runs and she tries not to think about the future she can’t have.

But when a Boston prosecutor asks Aly to testify in a trial—and her relationship with Luke intensifies—things become complicated. If she testifies, Luke and Caroline will learn the truth—that Aly has been lying to them for most of a decade. If she doesn’t, a monster could go free, again.

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Hard topics hit with tons of emotion and, yet, don't forget to bring in the wonderful sense of friendship, courage, and love.

The blurb on this one already gives a very good handle on what's covered and what's coming. Usually, this would ruin a read for me before I even start it, but in this case, it was necessary to bring in the necessary mindset to really dive into the tale. Because this one packs a punch on the emotional end. While many books of this nature tend to bog down and border on growing too heavy, this one masterfully keeps that from happening. While Aly has problems and faces many tough moments, there's a golden warmth of caring, love and hope close by to balance it out. 

Despite the depth, this is a quick read. There is enough happening to keep the story at a steady pace and brint Aly's predicament across clearly. There were a few things, which came across a bit too simple, but that by no means hurt the tale. I couldn't help but feel for Aly, wonder what would happen next, and cheer for her until the very end.

There's a lot of food for thought in this one, and it's the kind which leaves the reader assured that there is a positive light at the end of the tunnel. It's heavy, yet inspiring. It makes the reader think and yet shows that even dark moments can lead to light. It's worth a read and is sure to capture the interest of even those who tend to grab contemporary fiction with caution.

And here she is...
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Heather Mullaly is a passionate believer in the power of story. When she isn’t writing them, reading them, or listening to them, she can usually be found baking something that involves chocolate, thinking up new story ideas before she’s finished the two she’s currently writing, or hanging out with her family, who happen to be even more fantastic than the characters in her head. She lives in Virginia with her husband and their three teenagers.

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