Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Review: It's OK, Slow Lizard by Yeorim Yoon

Today's review greets from South Korea and packs tons of heart and warmth. While I thought this one might be about a lizard, who needs to learn to like himself due to his slowness...I was so wrong. 
Great messages about enjoying life and friendship abound....and isn't that cover gorgeous?

So, why don't we just dive right in and enjoy?

by Yeorim Yoon
Illustrated by Jian Kim
Translated by Chi-Young Kim
Restless Books
Picture Book
ages 3 to 6


In a lush, sun-dappled forest, animal friends discover the advantages of living slowly, in this soothing picture book from beloved South Korean author and illustrator Yeorim Yoon and Jian Kim.



With lovely illustrations, tons of warmth, and even more heart, this book shines in friendship and the secret to truly enjoying life.

Slow Lizard isn't as hectic as the other animals around him and takes one day at a time, remembering to enjoy even the little things around him. As his friends hurry to finish their tasks or become frustrated with situations, Slow Lizard is there to help them calm down and get a glimpse of the calmer side of life. And sometimes, this ends in a tiny adventure of its own.

I'm going to start with the illustrations because these are beautiful. There's a calm to each and every one, while lovely details give so much for listeners to gaze time and again. The colors hang toward cheerful yellows and light greens, allowing the atmosphere of sunshine and joy radiate from every page. And that's exactly what this book is—joyful. 

Slow Lizard holds nothing negative about him, but rather, demonstrates how life is amazing when it isn't always hectic and filled with distractions or things to do. He's not lazy, but rather knows how to spread a healing calm to his friends and those around him. And when a little adventure does arrive, the positive attitude keeps them bonded and can even help possible stress float into fun. 

It's a wholesome book, great as a read-aloud or to snuggle up in a chair together and read.

And here they are...

Yeorim Yoon is from Ulsan, South Korea. She is a former editor of children's books at various publishers as well as the Samsung Children's Museum in Seoul. She currently lives in San Diego, where she leads a life that is both busy and slow as a mother and author of children's book.

Jian Kim is an artist and illustrator of children's books from Seoul, South Korea. She studied animation in college and became interested in picture books after encountering the work of Anthony Browne. She lives in Incheon.

Chi-Young Kim is an award-winning literary translator and editor based in Los Angeles. A recipient of the Man Asian Literary Prize (2011), she has translated more than a dozen books, including works by Kyung-sook Shin, You-jeong, Young-ha Kim and Ae-ran Kim.

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