Friday, July 16, 2021

Review: How to Hide a Ghost by MacKenzie Haley

Ready for some Halloween fun in July? Today's review is a book for the youngest readers and centers around ghosts. There are flaps to open on every page (a favorite of mine) and cute ghosts to discover at every turn. Now, this is a change-up from my original plan (the sneak peek I give at the beginning of every month). So, those of you who are here for the picture book from Iran, I'm afraid you'll have to wait until Monday (July 19th), since I had a bit of a book delay. But no worries, that one is on the way!

Until then, let's find some ghosts! 

A Lift the Flap Book
by MacKenzie Haley
Little Simon
Board / Activity Book
14 pages
ages 2 to 5

JULY 20th!!!

This silly and interactive Halloween board book has chunky lift-the-flaps and adorable hidden ghosts on every spread—perfect for curious young readers!

Ghosts are really good at hiding. They can hide as lampshades, they can hide as balloons, and they can even hide as crystal balls. But the trickiest thing about ghosts is that they are always where you least expect them! Endearingly sweet ghosts haunt every page making this a perfect Halloween read-along book for little ones.



With the right amount of spookiness and silliness, this is great for the youngest, Halloween reading fans.

Ghosts can be anywhere. These pages explore all the places that ghosts may hide...and it isn't necessarily the usual ones like closets, under the bed or dark corners. Readers get to experience the surprise of the hiding places, too, by lifting a flap to find a ghostly, friendly smile.

This is a super cute book for the Halloween season...or for any other time of year. The text is simple and short, and easy for the younger ones to even understand. The illustrations are bright and bold. Each page presents Halloween fun with familiar 'monsters' many young ones will recognize (witches, vampires, etc). All of these are created with gentle care and give off a party and fun atmosphere.

The flaps are robust as the rest of the book and will hold up to some wear and tear. The ghosts are friendly and round, to ensure there isn't too much fright. It's simply cute.

And here she is...

MacKenzie Haley is an illustrator, runner, and cat whisperer who currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky. She has her BFA in illustration from the University of Dayton. Her clients include HarperCollins, Cottage Door Press, Page Street Publishing, Simon & Schuster, and many more. She’s (slowly) completed three full marathons, fostered about twelve cats (not at the same time), and has two codependent cats named Booger and Abby. She has drawn her whole life, and once flunked a math test in the third grade because she used the entire time to draw characters out of numbers. MacKenzie loves including small, interesting details in her work, and uses bold colors, patterns, and textures. She has currently reached the maximum amount of cat shirts a grown woman is allowed to have, and is banned from buying any more (but can accept them as gifts).

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