Sunday, July 11, 2021

Review: Milo the Albino Dino by Dolev Zaharony


by Dolev Zaharony
Illustrated by Marian Naseif
Picture Book
ages 4 to 8

Milo is having a tough time at school. The other kids won’t play with him because he’s an Albino. The longer this goes on, the sadder and lonelier he feels.

When he tells his mom what’s going on at school, she suggests he find a new friend like him. Soon, Milo is on an adventure of a lifetime searching for another Albino dinosaur. After learning about his journey, a few friends join him and discover what genuine friendship, kindness, and acceptance means.

Milo the Albino teaches young children about awareness and acceptance. This book teaches children how a first impression doesn’t represent who a person is on the inside and how to form friendships without bias.
*The book includes a bonus interactive section at the end.

**It’s perfect for children between the ages of 3 and 8 and recommended by teachers for homeschooling.



This is the first time I've run across a picture book, which centers around an albino character...and making it a dinosaur is a splendid idea.

Milo is a sweet dinosaur but has to watch out for the sun, not only due to his skin but even his eyes can be damaged if he's not careful. He always sticks out and finds himself often feeling left out or different from everyone else. When his mother encourages him to search for another dinosaur just like him to be friends with, Milo and a few of his classmates head out to fulfill the mission. But it's not as easy as Milo first thought...but that may not be the important thing after all.

In these pages, young readers are introduced to what it means to be albino. Then, the author takes this  further and hits a topic many young listeners can identify with—being different. However, while Milo feels left out, this tale weaves in an interesting way, showing that it might not be that way as much as he thinks it is. In other words, the ending is well woven and leaves off with a wholesome message. And to make this book even more intriguing, the last two page include information surrounding several facts mentioned during the story. 

I did enjoy Milo and found the way the author handled the situation clever and well done. The artwork is bright and colorful, although it does miss a personal touch. It does support the tale and allows Milo to come across as a sweet dinosaur. It's a nice read for anyone wanting to explore these themes.

And here he is...

A Tech Marketer by day and writer and musician by night, Dolev has written many short stories. After his first child was born, he started focusing on children’s books, as he gets regular inspiration from his kids. Their imagination takes him back to when he was a kid, connecting between unrelated things and blending them into a story. As a parent, he tries to use that same method and reply it back to kids, each time with a different message that will help them overcome the obstacles of life they have to cope with.

Dolev resides in North Carolina and has a wife and two kids. 

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