Thursday, March 19, 2020

Review: Sully's Glow by Simi Godagama

by Simi Godagama
Illustrated by Nicole Bartlett
Clink Street Publishing
Picture Book
294 pages

Harpi the eagle discovers her inner voice that guides her to Sully, a boy with a glow. Sully is unaware of his glow until he discovers he has the capacity to help someone in need. After he meets Harpi, together they meet more friends who each in turn have their own issues that heal and transform through their encounters with one another. Eventually with their combined energy, they transform the world they live in. Sad Sully becomes Smiling Sully, Hopeless Harp becomes Hopeful Harpi, Perfect Parrot becomes Pitch Perfect Parrot, Greedy Giraffe becomes Grateful Giraffe and Cranky Croc turns into Courageous Croc.


Packed with radiant illustrations, important emotions are explored with characters one can't help but love.

Harpi is an eagle who has lost her home and doesn't know where to go, but an inner voice compels her to go on the search for someone with a special glow. She finds this glow in a village boy, Sully, who himself is known as Sad Sully. Soon, they become friends and their moods change completely. But they aren't the only ones who need help in overcoming such shadows.

This books does a wonderful job at exposing those sad and not-so-nice emotions. Young listeners/readers will have no trouble recognizing the problems, relating to the various emotions, and understanding how the friends help each other overcome their dark moments. The message is strong but the story is smooth and sweet.

After reading this...or even during...discussions about these themes are sure to open up, which makes it great for classroom or group settings. The length and text are appropriate for readers who are more sure of their words, but it makes a nice, longer read-aloud. It's broken down into a few chapters, creating the perfect pauses to use it over several periods and deepen the topics.

The illustrations invite into these pages. Each one is done with care, pops off the page, and invites to gazing. The situations are clear, which allows young listeners to flip through on their own, which they will most likely want to do.

And here she is...

Born in Sri Lanka in 1979, Simi Godagama moved to England at the age of two and has lived in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, ever since. She studied Osteopathic, Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine and today runs the Milton Keynes Acupuncture Clinic where she specialises in women’s health, mental health and fertility. Godagama founded the RuRi Foundation in 2019 which supports educational initiatives in Sri Lanka. She is the mother of six-year-old daughters conceived through IVF.


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