Saturday, March 14, 2020

Review: Over the Moon by James Proimos

by James Proimos
Illustrate by Zoey Abbott
Chronicle Books
Picture Books
ages 3 to 5
44 pages

This sweet-natured bedtime book proves that a family is wherever you find love.

When two wolves see a baby floating down a river, what do they do? Why, they take the baby home. Over the moon with joy, they nourish and teach her. And when that baby grows into a child, she and the wolves know that she will be ready to make her way in the world. Because when a child is loved, she has everything she needs.

• A classic fairy-tale premise told with warmth and an inclusive sensibility for all types of families to enjoy
• A touching read-aloud books for families, caregivers, and classroom storytime
• James Proimos has written and/or illustrated over 20 critically lauded children's books.

This gently humorous story shows that families come in many forms, and that love is about both holding on and letting go.

Fans of Finn's FeatherWild, and Wolfie the Bunnie will find Over the Moon a delightful tale for all ages.



Reminding of The Jungle Book, this tale invites with the comfort of being wanted, cared for, and having a loving place to call home...even when life flows in another direction slightly.

A little baby girl floats down the river, unconcerned with everything. Two wolves sit: one contemplating right versus wrong, and the other thinking of food. Both fish the baby out of the river, and their tale of family begins.

In some ways, this tale has the atmosphere of folkslore from a faraway country. The baby floating down the river already hooks in, especially when she's pulled out by one wolf, whose stomach is grumbling. The tension is just enough to grab listeners' interest but never ventures into true fear. Rather caution. And that this swiftly dissipates into something else is simply warming. Good feelings abound, and the idea of family with all of its comfort and security fills the pages like a big hug.

The illustrations are done in watercolor and give the entire thing a nice, dreamy feel. The wolves never appear threatening, either. It's wonderful for a read-aloud.

The idea that a child grows up and will someday discover life on its own hits in the last pages. But that doesn't mean the child is really gone, nor does it mean there is a change in the love. A family remains a family no matter what, and this is a wonderful message.

And here they are...

The Author...
James Proimos has yet to rescue a small human from a river, but he has written and illustrated many books for them. James splits his time between Los Angeles and Middleburg, Virginia.

The Illustrator...
Zoey Abbott is a graduate of Smith College. She spent four years working and painting in Japan. She now lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, their two kids, and a big dog named Carrots. This is her third book.

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