Saturday, March 28, 2020

Review: Cave Dada by Brandon Reese

by Brandon Reese
Chronicle Books
Picture Book
40 pages
ages 3 to 5

A hilarious book for new dads and their little loved ones to share and enjoy!

It's bedtime for Dada's little cave baby. But Baba wants a bedtime story, and not just from any book. Baba wants just the right book—and the right book means the biggest book! Poor Dada! The delaying tactics of his Stone Age darling may not speed up bedtime ... but they just might change the course of human history.

• Full of parenting moments that new or expecting dads will love
• Sweet, silly, and boldly illustrated—ideal read-aloud book to share with the family
• Perfect Father's Day gift

Fans of Your Baby's First Word Will Be DadaBecause I'm Your Dad, and Dad By My Side will love Cave Dada's positive, loving message.



With tons of Stone Age humor, this book proves that being a Dada isn't easy, even for big, strong, caveman dads.

It's baby's bedtime, and Dada is more than happy to add in a last bedtime read for the bundle of cuteness. Baba, the baby, has a certain book in mind—the big book. But it isn't clear to Dada exactly which big book Baba means.

This is a cliche dive into the caveman world...and it's so cute! Dada is Mr. Caveman pure with his furry garment, kept on with a simple bone. Young listeners will get a kick out of the baby's innocent...and yet, irritating demands for a read, especially since the entire dialogue is in pure, silly, caveman style. Add the stone tablets (because who had paper) and a mammoth, and it's such a fun, humorous read.

The illustrations make this book and bring across the caveman style similar to many scenes observed in cartoons. The illustrations guide the tale much more than the text, so it's easy to follow the plot just by flipping through the pages (a plus, for those who like to explore books on their own). The text sticks in dialogue, and that with pure, rough, caveman style. Which makes it a bit quirky too. Dads will definitely get the bigger enjoyment, but young listeners will smile too.

And here he is...
Brandon Reese is the illustrator of numerous books for children. His own adventures in fatherhood provided ample inspiration for this book. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

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