Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Happy Book Birthday, The Sky is the Limit by Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar!

A Collection of All the Things You Can Do
by Lisa Swerling &
Ralph Lazar
Chronicle Books
60 pages
ages 4 to 8

From the bestselling creators of Happiness Is comes a celebration of the many delightful, triumphant, silly, sweet, life-changing experiences that lie ahead.

A world full of wonder is waiting for you . . . the sky is the limit of what you can do!

The only thing needed to begin this marvelous adventure? YOU! From far-reaching endeavors to the quieter milestones that have a magic all of their own, this gift-y picture book celebrates life's most meaningful moments, and encourages readers to reach for a sky's worth of possibilities.

• A joyous all-ages book perfect for families and children celebrating everyday accomplishments
• An inspiring graduation gift
• Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar are the creators of the critically acclaimed and bestselling Happiness Is... series.

In the spirit of Yay, You!I Knew You Could, and Oh the Places You'll GoThe Sky Is the Limit will hold a cherished place in the hearts of readers young and old.



Encouragement and inspiration abound in these pages, while demonstrating how exciting life can be.

In these pages, the sky really is the limit. There are so many things that a person can do. Some are exciting, some are difficult, some involve others, and some simply involve peace and calm. It quickly becomes clear that the possibilities of life are practically endless. Better yet, not everything is a monumental act. Even daily life things offer all sorts of interesting moments. From fixing fences to planting seeds to throwing parties to popping bubbles, different experiences can be found everywhere.

Written in carefree rhyme, the excited atmosphere holds on every page...even when tasks that a reader might not usually deem as worthwhile are mentioned. It shows that life is often as fun as you make it. It's an uplifting read, which cheers readers on and helps them take a more positive view of life. The illustrations actually even solidify this point by portraying the characters in a simple manner...and yet, they have so much fun and do so many things. The ending wraps everything up with a message of warmth, comfort and a happy sigh, leaving readers to consider their own dreams and embrace the day.

It makes a lovely read-aloud and is definitely a book which lifts the mood.

And here they are...

Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar are famed illustrators, the authors of the New York Times bestseller Me Without You, and the creators of the internationally beloved Happiness Is . . . brand. They live in Marin County, California.

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