Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Review: Search the Castle by Jill Howarth

by Jill Howarth
Chronicle Books
Board Book / Novelty
10 pages
ages 3 to 6

Lift the flaps to discover the secrets inside this magnificent castle! When the royal crown goes missing, the princess needs all the help she can get to search every room, from the portrait gallery to the banquet hall. Lively rhyming text invites the reader to explore this castle-shaped book, which features pages that open out from the middle to reveal enchanting double-page scenes. With adorable artwork and appealing lift-the-flaps throughout, this second volume in the Double Booked series is a royally satisfying read.

• Book that tours a castle with each turn of the page
• Affordable eye catching book that offers a magical reading experience
• Smart charming novelty book for kids

Fans of 1-2-3, You Love MeLove from the Little Engine That Could, and Jingle Bells will love this book.

This book is perfect for:
• Parents, grandparents, and family members
• Kids who love fantasy, castle and princess books
• Fans of lift-the-flap books


Simple but fun, this is a great book for kids to peek into and search for all sorts of things.

In the shape of a simple castle, this book opens up from the middle with pages on each side. It's written in rhyme and holds about four lines of text on each page and works well as a read-aloud. The text alone is entertaining as it describes the activities a princess might have during her day and some of the things happening in a castle. Next to this, the princess is in search of her crown and needs the reader/listener to help her find it by peeking under various flaps to discover what's under a bed, in a cabinet or even under a hat.

It's always a treat to be able to open up doors and discover something while flipping through a book and this one takes on a well-liked theme at the same time. The princess has lost her crown and needs help...which is a worthy endeavor young princess want-to-bes will sympathize with. It's fun to explore everything from kitchens to libraries to knights and such. The objects found are simple and easily recognizable. Some will even bring a giggle or two. The princess is always happy (until the end before the nice ending) and comes across as a friendly, gentle and kind royal. It's an entire castle full of wonderful characters, though.

The illustrations are bright, detailed and make the search entertaining. Life abounds in the castle and this is brought across clearly. The bring the text to life and let each scene flow with energy. It's simply cute and is sure to grab the interest of princess fans.

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