Monday, December 9, 2019

Review: The Grossest Picture Book Ever by Derek Taylor Kent

by Derek Taylor Kent
Illustrated by Lynx Studios
Whimsical World
Picture Book 
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

Welcome to the town of Gross! Here, grossness is just a way of life and everyone loves trying to outgross one another. Roar with laughter while picking up important environmental messages. And don't forget to try our challenge at the end of the book. If you can read it out loud without laughing out loud, you win! No winners yet!

WARNING: If you experience laughter lasting more than four hours, consult your proctologist immediately. More at


Gross—that's the keyword in this picture book, and these pages keep that promise and then some.

Life in the little town of Gross is exactly what it should be—disgusting to the max. The reader joins kids from the town as they present three people inhabitants, who fulfill this term completely.

This book knows no pardon and let's grossness bloom. Of course, it's not a serious book but packs humor all the way through. It almost convinces that gross might be a wonderful thing...if the reader can stomach it. These pages really don't have any limit on disgusting. So, readers should be prepared, and those who tend to be a bit more careful about such things, might find themselves repulsed. It's not presented in a listing or such, but really allows the three 'gross' citizens to unfold in their grossness.

The entire thing is written in rhyme, which didn't flow as well as it might have. But that wasn't the point, either. It's a book which concentrates on disgusting and that's what the author does, which also meant that the writing wasn't as much at the center point.

Kids who love to laugh over gross things will enjoy this one thoroughly.

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