Friday, December 20, 2019

Review: One More Hug by Megan Alexander

by Megan Alexander
Illustrated by Hiroe Nakata
Picture Book
40 pages
ages 4 to 8

From Inside Edition’s national correspondent Megan Alexander comes a heartwarming picture book in the tradition of The Wonderful Things You Will Be that shows us there’s always time for one more hug as a young boy starts his day and his journey through life.

A tree branch tapping on a window, a pretend sword breaking in two, the skreeeetch of a school bus door: one more hug by mom is always needed to comfort and reassure a young boy that he has the inner confidence to carry on. As time passes, and he outgrows his childhood fears, he returns the favor by giving his mother one more hug as he goes on his way.

This timeless tale of unconditional love and comfort for an anxious young boy as he leaves the nest and starts his journey through life is a perfect story for mothers to share with their sons to show them that it’s okay to have fears and needs—even as they get older—and it’s okay to share those feelings with the people who love them.


A mother's love is always there, and that message comes across in a beautiful way in these pages.

A young boy gets a hug, a kiss, or even a squeeze from his mother, but when something scary or painful comes along, sometimes one caring moment is not enough. The boy grows, but the love doesn't change. And at one point, even an extra hug for the mother can be a wonderful thing.

Hugs warm, comfort,  offer love and give security, and this book lets that theme shine especially when it comes to a mother and her child. The text is simple and the scenes, especially in the beginning, are one young listeners will easily identify with. That the mother is always there, ready to offer her comfort one more time, leaves a warm, fuzzy atmosphere. As the boy grows, this love never leaves even when the boy is old enough to head out on his own. And while young listeners may or may not connect as well with this later part, they'll still feel the love and recognize the message that the feeling never changes.

The illustrations are light, sweet and allow the story and scenes to unfold where the text ends. Every moment gains familiarity and hits home as young listeners can watch what happens to the boy and how he grows. The allow the beauty of the book to blossom in so many ways.

The message is clear in these pages, but it never feels preachy. Rather, it's like a warm homecoming. I see this one being maybe even more meaningful for the mom's or caretakers that read it than the listeners, but it will ring true and encourage the young listeners too. There supposedly is the message that boys are allowed to show their feelings as they grow, but this doesn't come across clearly. Rather it molds into the message that even older 'kids' should still allow themselves to be loved and give love to their parents. And this is a great message alone.

And here they are...

The Author...
Megan Alexander is a national news correspondent, host, emcee, speaker, producer, and actress. She can be seen every evening as a correspondent on the top-rated national news magazine television show Inside Edition. She was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and graduated from Westmont College. Megan splits time between New York City and Nashville, Tennessee. She and her husband have two young sons.

The Illustrator...

Hirne Nakata  has influenced numerous picture books including Lucky Pennies and Hot Chocolate; Duck Skates, Duck; Shoe Bop!; and One More Hug. She currently lives and works in New York City.

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