Sunday, December 1, 2019

Review: I Yoga You by Genevieve Santos

by Genevieve Santos
Little Simon
Board Book
26 pages
ages 0 to 4

DECEMBER 10th, 2019!!!

Parents and children learn how to say “I love you” through yoga as they move through their day together in a perfectly mindful way.

I love you in the morning when we salute the sun.
Wiggle and stretch out of bed, our day has now begun.

From morning to night, I Yoga You celebrates the love a parent shares with their child while also teaching simple yoga poses. Sun salutations give way to mountain poses, tree poses, and more as families move through their mindful day together.

This padded board book teaches little ones a new way to say “I love you”—reveling in those quiet daily moments that shine with energy, delight, and surprises.


What a cute idea! This book snuggles like the warmth of a loving hug, while sliding in yoga poses in a natural way.

Each page depicts a child and their parents as they go through daily activities: watering plants, building with play blocks, etc. Most radiate fun and play, giving off a sense of a very wholesome environment. Young listeners will enjoy watching and listening to situations they can identify with. And each time, at least one of the characters is shown in a yoga pose...but so that it fits naturally into the scene and might go unnoticed if not pointed out.

The illustrations are sweet, simple and easy to identify with. Young listeners might want to try the poses themselves. But to make things easier, there's a list of the poses (along with a fitting illustration) at the very end of the book. It's a great way to keep a positive atmosphere while getting young listeners to take their first stretches into yoga too.

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