Saturday, December 7, 2019

Review: Santa's Sick of Cookies by Karen Young Foley

an Eastern Shore Christmas Tale
by Karen Young Foley
Illustrated by Jessica Gibson
Belle Isle Books
Picture Book Holiday

Surely even old Saint Nick gets sick of cookies on Christmas Eve! A little boy from the Eastern Shore of Virginia is determined to give Santa some variety in his Yuletide snacks . . . But how?


With a completely new twist on Santa and his desire for cookies, this book is a treat.

A little boy, who lives on the Eastern shore of Virginia...right near the beach...wonders if Santa might get sick of cookies. After all, that's what kids have laid out for him for years and years and years. This boy is determined to help Santa out but coming up with a new treat isn't as easy as it sounds.

Anyone who is at home or dreams of the shore line will enjoy this read. The illustrations bring the docks, boats and life along the shore to life. While there are scenes of the traditional Christmas tree, presents, and kids getting ready for bed, this tale definitely takes a lean in the shore direction. For those not familiar with the area and special attributes of living along the shore, the illustrations help to bring across the mood. Also, there's a glossary at the end to help out with those more unfamiliar terms. To cap things off, there's also a recipe at the end...exactly the one the boy uses for Santa's treat.

The book is written in rhyme and flows nicely. The wording is appropriate for the age group, but does throw in a seaside flare (hence the glossary at the end). It's cute and I couldn't help but smiling as all of the different cookies were paraded by. My kids also found themselves trying to think of alternative foods for Santa, which lead to several funny discussions. It's a nice read, especially for those interested in learning more about the shore or those who are familiar with it.

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