Monday, December 2, 2019

Review: The Moon Show by Carmen Gloria

Kid Astronomy, Book 3
by Carmen Gloria
Picture Book
ages 4 to 8

This is the very first children’s book that teaches kids about the moons to other planets in our solar system!

Take a tour of our solar system with The Moon and meet other moons on THE MOON SHOW!

Did you know that there are other moons in our solar system besides our Moon?

Perfect book for budding astronomy and space lovers!

First book in this Kid Astronomy series is in the Best New Space Books 2019 list by Books Authority!


While our solar system's planets and the Earth's moon show up in children books, this is the first time I've run across one featuring the other moons. The Earth's moon is only one of many, and by far, not even the most interesting. This book lets these little discussed places shine.

As the title suggests, this book presents the moons in the atmosphere of a show. After making a quick and basic fact filled introduction, the Earth's moon (who likes to be called Luna) takes the role of show master. Not all moons are mentioned, but then there are 170 of them. Rather, the most well-known ones from each planet come into the spotlight. Starting with Mercury and Venus (which are moonless), each moon is shown in regards to its planet. The basic facts are given (extremely basic), which hold very interesting tidbits, in a type of exchange between Luna and the moon. It's humorous and keeps the entire thing lively.

The illustrations are fun and imaginative while still getting across the basic points. It's entertaining to watch each moon come to life with their own personality. But then, the entire thing is a lovely balance between humor and scientific fact. At the very end, there are a few quick questions concerning the material covered in the book, where listeners can see what they learned. It's a fun book and not just for those interested in planets and space.

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