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Review: Mama's Knight by Aurora Whittey with Giveaway

A Cancer Story of Love
by Aurora Whittey
Wise Ink Publishing
Children's Non-Fiction
40 pages

Once upon a time . . . It’s how all heroes begin their story, and you’re a hero, too! Your mama has cancer, and it’s a scary journey, but you can help your mama just by being you—special, wonderful, YOU. Your mama loves you just the way you are. You are your mama’s knight.

Mama’s Knight: A Cancer Story of Love is an emotional toolbox that can help kids and parents communicate about what it means for Mama to have cancer. The book is filled with tools and activities designed to make coping with illness easier on both parent and child, and can be personalized for each child.

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Through fun activities, sweet illustrations and a lot of love, this book helps kids to understand what their mothers', who have been diagnosed with cancer, are up against and how they can stand at her side as a knight in shining armor.

From beginning to end, this book radiates caring and warmth. It starts with the cute cover, is felt in the pages and carries through until the very end. Unlike many books, which deal with cancer and kids, this isn't a 'how to' which gives directions to parents, caretakers or third parties, but rather this book dives right in to a core issue. Kids know when something's up with their moms and these pages steer exactly in this direction.

The illustrations are wonderful and a treat. Kids can flip through them even by themselves. But my favorite part is the activities. They help bring the communication to a level kids understand best, and in the process, strengthen the bond with their moms. The more playful approach doesn't scare young listeners/readers away and helps them deepen their understanding of the situation, while helping mom's deal with a proper way to bring things across.

The wording and layout of the book show thoughtfulness and experience with kids. It's easy for the intended audience to grasp and get involved in. There's never a sense of being preachy, but rather the books strengthens kids, giving them the feel that they do have an influence in things.

Like all books of this nature, this isn't necessarily fitting for all kids but should be looked through by the mom first to make sure it handles things in a way she feels comfortable with. But I definitely recommend grabbing this one up, and see it as an extraordinary aide.

Interview with Aurora Whittey. . .

There are many books out there about Cancer. What makes yours different?
Mama’s Knight: A Cancer Story of Love is a personalizable children’s book for moms with cancer to explain what that means. She can write in her treatment plan, her possible symptoms, photos of her child/ren and family, they can find ways to talk about how they feel in a way children can understand the emotions. It gives activity ideas for moms to stay active with their children even on days they can’t get out of bed, that all point to to really help families cope with cancer.

What is the last great book you’ve read?
My son and I recently found The Interrupting Chicken and we find that quite hysterical. He loves when I do the voices throughout the book. Always a giggle-worthy good time.

If you’re a mom writer, how do you balance your time?
I have a four-year old son, two dogs and a cat. I’m basically a single mother of a petting zoo. So I have to be careful with my time. When I am with my son, I’m his. I try not to let other things get in the way of our time, though occasionally I have to leave myself notes because some crazy idea popped in my head. So I keep a notebook in my purse and I even use his shower-crayons to leave myself notes on the shower walls. I write when my son is asleep, or over a lunch break. When I’m with him we play and explore and learn and laugh. He helps create activities for and that has been a fabulous way to connect my job with my son.

Name a quirky thing you like to do.
I like to sew my son’s Halloween costumes, even though I don't really like sewing. I find it so complicated and daunting, and yet every year I make him into whatever creation he wants to be. It generally involves me with bandaids all over my needle-poked-fingers and a big smile on his face.

What is the next thing you’re going to do?
I am working on a dad version of Mama’s Knight, because dads get cancer too. So I am planning for that to launch in late 2017. I am also keeping busy working on a new young adult novel that I’m pretty excited about!

And here she is. . .

Aurora Whittet started out as a wild red-haired girl in Minnesota dreaming up stories for her friends to read. Today, she has completed Bloodmark, Bloodrealms, and Bloodmoon of the Bloodmark Saga trilogy and started her journey into children’s books with Mama’s Knight in honor of her own mother who lost her battle with cancer. She’s a national award-winning graphic designer and birth doula in her day jobs. Aurora lives with her family in Minnesota.

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