Friday, March 1, 2024

Today's read... The Quiet Forest by Charlotte Offsay

 Can I start by saying that forests are anything but quiet? Well, in Winter they are but, otherwise? No. Not at all. We lived nestled up to one...which I love...but it is so loud. Forests are calming, though, but maybe not in today's read. When I saw the cover on this book and read the blurb, I had a feeling it was going to go off in an interesting direction. Plus, I'm ready for some green, outdoor vibes. So, let's take a peek!

Note: This one is going onto my possible favorites of the year list, which is really unexpected, but I can't deny how much I enjoyed this one.

by Charlotte Offsay
Illustrated by Abi Cushman
Paula Wiseman Books
Picture Book
40 pages
ages 4 to 8


When a small action creates a snowball effect that disrupts the peace of the animals, the forest and a bear cub restore order once more in this delightfully funny picture book.

A mischievous mouse wanders alone in a quiet, nothing-to-do forest. Until one small mishap snowballs into a chain of outrageous events, causing the whole forest full of animals to have a very loud day indeed. Can they find a way to bring calm and quiet back to their home?


This is a read that grabs listeners' attentions, has them giggling, and even will have some joining to 'read' along. 

A mouse wanders through the forest and finds something, which inspires to a bit of mischief. What starts out as a rude but isolated incident, takes an unexpected turn...which leads to something even worse. A hilarious chain reaction soon has the entire area of the forest in an uproar until a sudden gesture changes everything.

The little mouse with its backpack seems harmless and cute, at first, so when it suddenly does something slightly mean, it flips the entire atmosphere on its head and rolls right into a delightful, mounting chaos. The animals' surprise and reactions come across wonderfully in the illustrations and guarantee giggles as they helplessly find everything going crazy around them. The illustrator has built in some traits and objects from the 'human' world, making each moment that much more familiar and sillier. Even flipping through the illustrations without the text will bring smiles.

While the illustrative side adds the right humorous twist, the text cleverly plays its own game. It presents the tale to make sure its clear what's happening but creates a light-hearted repetition, which builds with each scene. It invites readers to join in, especially since this is one of those books, which will be getting that ever-loved word 'again'.

Making sure goodness settles in, a heart-warming solution opens the door to friendship with an unexpectedly simple gesture. It brings calming forgiveness and care as it makes sure to settle things back down...but not without leaving off with a last, fun twist. 

I do see this one becoming a favorite for some listeners.

And here they are...

Charlotte Offsay is the author of several children’s books including A Grandma’s MagicChallah Day!, and The Big Beach Cleanup. When she is having a particularly loud day, she can always count on her two small bear cubs and husband to bring calm and quiet back to their home in Los Angeles, California. Learn more at 

Abi Cushman is the author-illustrator of Soaked!Animals Go Vroom!, and Wombats Are Pretty Weird. Abi is also the illustrator of The Quiet Forest by Charlotte Offsay. She lives deep in the wooded suburbs of Connecticut with her husband and two mischievous kids, who make her home very loud indeed. Visit her at

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