Friday, March 8, 2024

Today's read... A Boat in the Kitchen by Sasha Saidman

Since I dived into creativity and imagination with yesterday's read, I'm just going to stay in that same flow and hit another whimsical book. This one aims for the youngest age group and should show all sorts of humorous situations, which might occur at home...okay, probably not occur, telling by the cover. But this tale should invite to fun and, hopefully, spark all sorts of thoughts and ideas.

Ready to board the boat and see where it sails?

by Sasha Saidman
Illustrated by Lola Svetlova
Picture Book
ages 0 to 3

Embark on a whimsical bedtime adventure where every room is a new world of wonder! As the stars twinkle outside, we'll tiptoe through a magical realm where toys dance and dreams come to life. Imagine cows causing chaos in the laundry and cheeky monkeys swinging from the shelves! Each page is a vibrant playground, crafted from the day's giggles and games. As we tuck away the blocks, trains, and crayons, we're not just tidying up; we're treasuring the fantastical stories spun from our little ones' boundless imaginations. Get ready to snuggle up and journey through a kaleidoscope of playful mischief and colorful dreams, where each goodnight kiss is a passport to a world of enchantment!



Surprises hit with every page in this imaginative book, which invites to dreams and more.

From one room of the house to the next, this book leads readers on an unexpected trip into adventure. No one would expect a giraffe standing in the bathroom sink or a train choo-chooing down the hallway. Each turn of the page holds the next surprise, and these are impossible to see coming.

This is a simple read, which leads through the creative and exciting world of imagination. It starts in the kitchen and heads from one area to the next: bathroom, bedroom, living room and more. The surprises are extremely varied, making it impossible to guess what is coming next. Each one hits with humor and wonder to keep silliness high and giggles guaranteed. The scenes are familiar and inspire readers to wonder what they might find in their own house...with a little fantasy, of course.

The illustrations are bright, playful, and hold details to make each whimsical situation fun. The various animals and objects are easy to identify. There's a nice, artistic touch, which fits well to the creative side of this read.

The text is kept concise, while the font plays a bit with the illustration for visual fun. It does make a nice read aloud and flows well. Some of the surprises hit better than others, but all keep the read enjoyable. While this read is suggested for the youngest audience level, I'd knock it up a notch toward ages 2 to 5, since several surprises are a bit more complex. It does make a nice bedtime read, especially with the lovely twist at the end. 

Words from Sasha...

My husband and family were asleep, and I was tiptoeing around the house cleaning up toys. I saw a little boat covered in water in the kitchen from my sons bath time and picked it up just like I normally do. Then, I went over and saw a toy cow in our dirty hamper with all of the clothes. I started to think about what my children see when they’re playing; do they see this little toy cow that I’m seeing, or do they imagine this huge full-size cow in the laundry with socks hanging off their ears? I just started walking around my house looking at all these things and jotting down on a piece of paper, which I very thankfully still have and cherish.
That is just something I like sharing about the making of this book. Most parents share some of those late night habits: cleaning up in silence or listening to music or catching up on binge TV while your kids are sleeping.


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