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God's Rainbow by The Bible Tells Me So Press

The real meaning of the rainbow!
by The Bible Tells Me So Press
Picture Book / Early Reader
ages 4 to 8

God's Rainbow is a delightful children's book which presents the truth in the Bible about the rainbow, and what the rainbow really means. This beautifully illustrated book is sure to spark a loving and meaningful family discussion about the wonders, beauty, and meaning of the rainbow! Because rainbows are bright and beautiful, they are claimed by many companies, clubs, and clauses, with each one trying to define what the rainbow means. But what does the rainbow really mean? The Bible gives us a clear answer to who made the rainbow and why. It shows us that the real meaning of the rainbow is as beautiful as the rainbow itself.



Lovely illustrations are accompanied by an easy-to-read text, perfect for beginning readers.

This book dives into rainbows. Beginning with a short, cheerful introduction into how interesting and beautiful rainbows are, these pages then explore the meaning of the rainbow as found in the Bible. While I thought this would head into the story of Noah, it doesn't outside of a quick glance. Instead, it takes a more general view and looks at what the rainbow means from a Christian point of view. It embraces care, love, and the important promise, and encourages readers to remember these things whenever they see one.

The text is short, carries a bit of a poetic flow, and is appropriate for beginning readers, who are fairly sure of their words. The illustrations are bright and colorful, radiating cheerfulness and joy with every page...but then, this atmosphere tends to accompany rainbows. It's a wholesome read with more than a few positive vibes, and doesn't feel overly preachy. 

It makes a nice read not only for those, who want to try reading on their own, but also works well as a read-aloud in a group setting.

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