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Happy Book Birthday... The Great Puptective by Alina Tysoe!

I might be screaming this book birthday out a day early, but let's get the party started, anyway! This is a graphic novel for beginning readers and should pack tons of humor. The cover already has me expecting cute moments and high least, from that puppy. I'm super curious to see what cases arise and if this one is as fun as I hope it is.


by Alina Tysoe
Simon & Schuster
Chapter Book Mystery  /  Graphic Novel
128 pages
ages 6 to 9

MARCH 19th!!!

Truffles the cat is the only pet in the house and reigns in peace and quiet, only exerting himself to find the best place to take a nice, long nap—preferably in a spot of warm sunshine. Then Poppy the puppy bursts onto the scene.

Poppy is loud, enthusiastic, excitable, and—worst of all—a puptective! She’s got an eye for crime and a nose to solve all mysteries that come her way…even though she’s not completely sure what a mystery is.

Truffles cannot let this intrusion stand. Poppy won’t be able to continue disrupting his precious me-time if she’s shipped to the North Pole! But could this irrepressible new companion be just what this grumpy cat needs?

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Cuteness, mystery, forming friendships, and lots of silliness are sure to delight beginning readers, while strengthening those word skills.

Truffles enjoys life as the only pet in the house, but when a box arrives, things change. Inside is Poppy, a puppy with a nose for mystery and clues. And Poppy might be a bit too energetic for Truffles' taste. Poppy has one goal in life: solve the case. The first case composes of finding a case. The second, actually, might be a somewhat real one...but the games are about to change. Poppy leaves, and Truffles needs to discovers the talent for sleuthing if the grumpy cat ever wants to see the irritating puppy again.

Graphics drive this tale forward. Each one holds cartoon-ish goodness and brings the moments to life with the needed humor, zing, or fitting emotions. These are easy on the eyes (not too small or crowded) and very age appropriate from the style side, too. The text is kept concise and won't scare more reluctant readers away. This appears in the image or adds tidbits on the side as needed to move the story along. The words are for beginning readers but also stretch the vocabulary enough to raise the skills. It's a great balance, since readers who are a bit confused can find enough hints in the images to keep them from feeling lost or left behind.

The mix of mystery and fun is simply adorable, especially with two characters, who are as opposite as can be. Truffles' grumpiness can't easily coexist with Poppy's determined detective skills...a relationship, which guarantees funny moments. Poppy also has a lot to learn on the clue-finding end, and there are more than a couple scenes, which readers will realize mistakes and giggle. But what wins over is the forming friendship and heart, especially when Truffles realizes the impossible has happened and goes way beyond a cat's comfort zone. It's a cute lesson for life.

This is a lovely beginning to what I hope is a new series because this duo seems to be ready for many more adventures to come.

And here she is...


From the moment she was able to hold a pencil, Alina Tysoe was scribbling away and filling notebooks with doodles of dogs and comics about her family. Today, Alina is an illustrator, 2D animator, and author of What’s Up Beanie: Acutely Relatable Comics, a collection based on her popular webcomic by the same name, the picture book Emi Isn’t Scared of Monsters, and the graphic novel chapter book The Great Puptective. She lives in New Zealand with her husband, Mike, who makes regular appearances in her webcomic, and, infuriatingly, no dogs.

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