Monday, March 4, 2024

Today's read... How We Became Intergalactic Heroes by Chris van Halle

It's time to launch into space! I had to smile as a picked up today's read due to a recent idea from my husband. A week or two ago, he ran across  something on the internet, which reminded him of a science fiction show he and his brother enjoyed as kids—Raumpatrouille (German/French collaboration in 1966). I'm adding a short video below for those who are curious. So, I'm hitting this read after some online research and shopping for gifts hitting this theme, since, I've been told, this is going to be someone's birthday present. 

So, my mind is all set for space adventure, and I do hope this will be a fun one!

by Chris van Halle
Middle Grade Science Fiction
175 pages
ages 8 to 12

All his life, twelve-year-old Ben Grishop has been practically nonexistent. Hardly anyone knows who he is, he’s not good at anything no matter how hard he tries, and he blends into all chairs and benches. But when he and his friends Joe and Dana are abducted by aliens one fateful summer night, they have the chance to become famous for saving the universe. That is, if they can survive a planet full of giant, man-eating, French-speaking crabs, a pair of tuxedoed, gibberish-spouting men with handlebar mustaches, and the mysterious “immensely powerful, evil force from The Realm Beyond.”

Jampacked with action, humor, and heart, How We Became Intergalactic Superheroes will have middle-schoolers and the young at heart alike hopping the closest spaceship to their own next cosmic adventure.



Saving the universe becomes an adventure with unique aliens, unexpected situations, and heroes, who aren't quite sure what they're doing.

Ben is hanging out with his best friend Joe, trying to enjoy one of the last nights before school starts, but it's turning into the most boring night ever. When the third friend, Dana, stops by, all of that changes as aliens march into the house shortly behind her and escort the trio to see the leader of the universe. After all, the three friends are the only ones who can save the universe from the evil force of The Realm least, that's what the strange aliens claim. But things run sideways and what was supposed to be a super simple push of a button turns into a fight for survival and more.

These pages shoot into the realm of galactic imagination and never-ending, ridiculous situations, which pack danger, too. While the first pages had me a bit confused and wondering, it soon slid right into nonstop action. The three heroes carry quite the subtle, silly wit, while still passing as pretty least, enough so for readers to connect with them and want to dive right into the adventure themselves. While the threats are dangerous, they carry tons of quirks to ensure snorts and eyebrow raises. And we learn that aliens speak French and Italian, too. But none are to be underestimated and often carry more of a threat than might first appear. 

It's a fast-paced adventure, which will keep even more reluctant readers in the pages. It's plot and dialogue driven, meaning little time for deep thoughts and heavy descriptions. There's just enough world building to sink into and let imagination fly. While this is very humor and action driven (and that is a treat), there is a message about learning to realize ones own capabilities. There's also goodness surrounding friendship and working together. 

Space fans, and especially those who enjoy a fun read, will find themselves wanting to join in and save the universe, too.

And here's the clip that someone pieced together for all who are curious about German/French television's thoughts on space adventure during the 1960s.

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