Sunday, March 10, 2024

Today's read... Reading Together by Robert Broder

Today's read might be more for the Mama's and Papa's out there or for older readers...I'm not sure, yet. It is a picture book, but the blurb and cover hint that it's more of a nostalgic read. So, I'm a little uncertain about what I'm about to dive into, but we'll just stay open-minded and take a peek.

A Heartwarming Story About Bonding with Your Child Through the Love of Reading
by Robert Broder
Illustrations by Melissa Larson
Blue Star Press
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8


Looking for a heartwarming book to read to your child over the years? Reading Together tells the story of a family's love for picture books and the special bond formed through reading together.

Filled with fond memories and playful illustrations, this book takes you on a journey through childhood and the joys of discovering new stories and characters. From the silly and sweet, to the suspenseful and sad, Reading Together celebrates the power of literature to bring families closer together and create lasting memories.

Whether you're a parent looking to relive the magic of reading with your child, or simply a lover of picture books, this book is a must-read for anyone who values the bond of family and the power of storytelling.


Warming memories float by with whimsical twists and nostalgic reminders of time spent together while discovering the wonder of tales and words.

From page to page, the journey of reading with a child flows by with nostalgic goodness. It begins with the very first moments, when children are drawn in by illustrations and imaginative tales. Then, it heads through first reading experiences until kids are so old that they read on their own. All of this is done from the parents' point of view and is done as if they are telling these reading memories to their grown a walk down memory lane. 

The text is written at the level of a young child with only a couple 'difficult words' and also carries, at most, a few sentences on each page. The illustrations are whimsical and beautiful. It is enjoyable to flip through these and enjoy the various imaginative! Young readers will enjoy gazing and dreaming with each one, while discovering the fantastical details here and there, but the main story won't resonate with them in the same way. 

In the blurb and title, it's clear that this one is a nostalgic read for parents and adults, but it's being sold as a read for ages 4 to 8...which surprises me, and I'm going to recommend it as an adult read. It's a lovely, niche book, which will delight parents, who enjoy looking back on the time when their own kids were little and remembering those special moments.

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